Base square

Although you don’t see much of the base of your project bag, I always like to make it match the rest. For this bag, I made a flat square but kept to the same colouring and design.

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How to make the base square

The base square is worked in exactly the same way, except for rounds 3 to 7. Because you have no flower, you miss out round 5 completely.

The instructions below are in UK and US terms.

Rounds 1 and 2

Work as in the main flower square

Round 3

  • Using Stylecraft Special DK fiesta and bright pink held together, make a standing UK treble (US dc) into any space between the pairs of stitches in round 2.
  • Work 2 more UK trebles (US dc stitches) into that space.
  • Work 3 UK trebles (US dc stitches) into the 11 spaces that follow and join with a slip stitch to close the round.

Round 4

  • Change to spice and make a standing UK dc (standing US sc) in any of the spaces between the groups of stitches in round 3. Make 3 chains.
  • Work a UK dc (US sc) into the next space, followed by 3 chains. Repeat around the circle.

Round 5

In the flower square, the main petals are formed in this round but this step is not included in the base square.

Round 6

Change to black and work round 5 into the chains you have just made on the wrong side. Join the black yarn into any chain space.

  • Work 3 UK dc (US sc) into each of the first two chain spaces.
  • Work a corner into the next chain space by making 3tr, 2ch, 3tr [UK terms]. If you use US terms, that’s 3dc, 2ch, 3dc.
  • *Work 3 UK dc (US sc) into each of the first two chain spaces, then work another corner into the next space.**
  • Repeat from * to ** two more times. Join with a sl st. Do not fasten off.

Round 7

This round is worked in half trebles (UK) half double crochet stitches (US). This is because you need the final square to be the same size as the four side squares and have the same number of stitches around the outer edge. Making the square flat increases the size of the centre, so you need to compensate by reducing the height of round 7.

Turn your work to the right side. Make 3ch then 2 UK htr (2 US hdc) into the space below.

*Into the next corner space, work UK: 3htr, 2ch, 3htr, US: 3hdc, 2ch, 3hdc.

Work UK htr (US hdc) into each space along the side of the square.**

Repeat from * to ** two more times.

Close the round with a slip stitch,

Rounds 8 – 15

Turn your work and work rounds 8 – 15 as in the main flower square.

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Base square