Showing edges crochet along blanket

I used a granny square strip on the edges of my cosy striped blanket done as part of the crochet along with Lucy of Attic24. I used a join-as-you-go method, which gives a nice texture.

I thought it would be a useful record for me and possibly of use to others to collect together links to excellent tutorials on different joining methods. If you have your favourites, let me know and I will check them out and add them to this page.

Extending your crochet skills

There are already so many very good and well presented tutorials on how to join granny squares.

If you want to learn more about the different techniques I’ve added some annotated links to tutorials on You Tube so that you can short cut to what you want to see. I don’t have any affiliations with any of these sites or presenters – they are just ones that I’ve personally found very useful.

Join as you go method to join granny squares (US)

For experienced crocheters, this is a short and straight-to-the point video using US terminology that is very well explained and very clear. You can click the link to watch the video and subscribe to the You Tube channel. Its from WEBS, America’s Yarn Store

Joining granny squares using single crochets and a join as you go tutorial (UK)

For beginners and crocheters who want an explanation using UK terms, this longer video by Sarah Jane from Bella Coco shows how to join granny squares using two methods. The first uses just single crochet stitches and the second one is the join as you go method and if you want to skip straight there, it starts 4 minutes and 55 seconds in. You can subscribe to the Bella Coco You Tube channel and visit the fabulous Bella Coco website

An invisible stitched method to join granny squares

This is a US video but its all about invisible stitching and is really well explained and demonstrated by Maggie Weldon for LionBrandYarns. You can subscribe to the LionBrandYarn You Tube channel or visit the LionBrandYarn website.

Prefer written tutorials with photos?

Two of my favourite UK crochet bloggers, Lucy of Attic24 and Heather of The Patchwork Heart have put together excellent tutorials on how to join granny squares.

Heather shows three methods in detail:

Lucy shows a similar joining granny squares together using crochet at the back method and has a join-as-you-go method with loads of really clear photos.