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Making a half hexagon is not absolutely necessary if you are making a hexagon blanket. You can leave the sides of your blanket with half hexagonal gaps if you want to.

I decided to have two straight edges and leave the pointy hexagons at the other two edges so worked out a simple method of doing a half hexagon to fill my gaps at the side. This half hexagon free tutorial is part of the series of free tutorials and blog posts about my Autumn-inspired chunky hexagon blanket.

What you need

Stylecraft Chunky Yarn (100% acrylic) in four colours of your choice.

In this example I used dark brown, raspberry and camel.

You will use the following stitches (UK terms)

  • Chain
  • Slip stitch
  • Treble (double crochet in US terms)

I used a size 6mm hook (size J). I find the Clover Soft Touch hooks are lovely to work with.

Round 1

Start with the colour of yarn that matches up with your sequence. I used Stylecraft Chunky in Dark Brown.

Make 3 chains and join with a slip stitch to form a ring. Make 3 chains and then make 6 trebles into this ring . This will give you 6 spaces between the stitches. Do not fasten off yet.

Round 2

You need to turn your work (which you would not do when making an entire complete hexagon). Working on the wrong side complete round 2 by making four chains and then one treble and one chain into each of the 6 treble stitches of round 1. This will give you 6 chain spaces.

Round 3

Join your next colour through the first space and make 3 chains followed by 2 trebles.

Sorry about the colours in the next to photos – some glitch or gremlin… My second colour for this half hexagon was Stylecraft Chunky in Raspberry.

Once your first cluster is done, you then need to make treble clusters into each space to the end. By the time you have finished this round you have a bigger, more definite semi-circle.

End of third round in the half hexagon free tutorial-tile

Round 4

Having joined your new yarn colour (mine is Stylecraft Chunky in Camel), make 3 chains and two trebles then three trebles into the next space. The next space will form an apex to your half hexagon.

Into this space make 3 trebles, 1 chain and 3 trebles.

The next space requires just three trebles and the space after another 3 trebles, 1 chain, 3 trebles to make the other apex.

Continue around making a cluster of 3 trebles into the next two spaces and into the space between the second and third treble in the final cluster of the previous round.

End of fourth round in the half hexagon free tutorial

Joining a half hexagon

You can now join the half hexagon in a similar way to joining a whole hexagon.

Start with the half hexagon lined up so that your wrong sides are together, right sides uppermost. Join your yarn colour in the space between the first 3 chains and the first treble of the first treble cluster on the right of the half hexagon. Make 3 chains then 1 treble. Join into the corner of the first blanket hexagon with a dc stitch.

Make three trebles into the next space in the half hexagon. Join into the blanket hexagon with a dc stitch and continue around, joining apex to apex.

When you get to the end, join through the space between the second and third treble on the right so that the line of the side of the blanket is as straight as possible.

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