This free tutorial shows how to make simple crochet rosettes that can be used to decorate crochet bags, blankets, bunting and more. I used the rosettes to decorate my rainbow tote bag – you can view the free pattern and tutorial here.

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What you’ll need

  • Small lengths of DK yarn in different colours. I used the Stylecraft Special DK Limited Edition pack.
  • Size 4mm crochet hook or slightly smaller – 3.75mm or 3.5mm to achieve a nice firm rosette.
  • Darning needle and scissors.

Stitches and crochet techniques used

This is a really easy pattern that uses the following stitches and techniques:

Crochet rosettes free tutorial and pattern

Choose your first colour yarn. My choice was kelly green.

Round 1

 1.  Start with a magic circle.

2.  Yarn over and pull through the circle

3.  Make two chains to secure the yarn

4.  Work 12 half trebles into the circle and join to the first htr with a slip stitch.

Crochet rosette tutorial Crafternoon Treats step 1

Round 2

5.   Make 2 chains then work 2htr into each stitch of round 1. [24 stitches]

6.   To make a neat join, cut the yarn, leaving a long tail end, and pull through the last stitch. See a more detailed tutorial on making a neat join here.

7.   Thread the tail end onto a darning needle and insert from front to  back through both loops of the first htr of round 2. Pull through leaving the yarn loose.

8.   Bring the yarn back to the front of the work and insert the needle, again from front to back, in between the front and back  loops of the final htr of round 2.

Crochet rosette tutorial Crafternoon Treats step 2

Pull the yarn gently to close the circle and weave in the second tail end a couple of times but then leave it for sewing the crochet rosette onto your bag.

Pulling the first tail end will close up the centre of the circle. Weave it in to keep the circle closed and cut the tail end.

Crochet rosette tutorial Crafternoon Treats finished rosette

Attaching your crochet rosettes

To attach to your bag or other item, use the tail end to sew from back to front and then front to back going round the dip between round 1 and round 2. This secures the rosette but allows it to curl up slightly at the edges.

If you prefer a flatter rosette, sew all round the edge of round 2, just inside the ridge formed by the top of the htrs.

Here are a few pics of the finished rosettes on my rainbow tote bag.

Bag in focus

Rainbow crochet tote Stylecraft completed bag showing handles

Rainbow crochet tote Stylecraft another rosettes in place