Daisy flower applique - tutorial at crafternoontreats.com

This tutorial shows how to attach the crochet daisy appliques to the summer ripple cushion. You can find more information about the complete project by checking out these links:

Positioning your crochet daisy appliques

For my project, the summer ripple cushion, I positioned three daisies, one larger one and two smaller ones, in the top right of my finished cushion.

You can see the open sides with the button holes on the right. Pin into position using one pin through each center, going through the top layer of the cushion cover only.

Attaching daisy appliques step 1 - a tutorial from crafternoontreats.com

Sewing the daisy centres into position

Thread your darning needle with the longer of the two tail ends from the petals. Use this white yarn to make small running stitches around the centre of the daisy, as close to the base of the petals as possible. Your needle should go through the top layer of cushion to secure the flower –  had one hand inside the cover and one hand outside and kept swapping the needle between the two.

If needed, weave in the first end if it starts to run out and finish with the second tail end. If the first end is plenty long enough, just weave in this second tail end at the back of the base of the petals.

Attaching daisy appliques step 2 - a tutorial from crafternoontreats.com

Securing the daisy petals

I left the smaller daisy petals as they were but the larger daisy kept wanting to get out of position, so I used some ordinary white sewing cotton and a sharp needle and just gently tacked the tips of each petal through the top layer of the cushion to hold them into position.

Attaching daisy appliques step 3 - a tutorial from crafternoontreats.com

Plumping up the daisy centres

The final step was to pinch the daisy centres with my fingers to plump them up a bit to give a more realistic daisy effect.

Attaching daisy appliques step 4 - a tutorial from crafternoontreats.com

Summer ripple cushion with daisy flower applique - tutorial at crafternoontreats.com

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