I believe it is vitally important for every small business to embrace and support the concepts of diversity and inclusivity and to make social media spaces, blogs, websites and selling platforms a welcoming place for all.

I am working to make my little corner of the internet a welcoming and nurturing environment for everyone, regardless of skin colour, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, body size, age, county of origin or any ‘otherness’ that occurs in our society.

Like many others in the fibre community the discussions that have taken place in 2019 have begun a long process of listening, learning and seeking to understand the experiences of BIPOC and BAME crafters and to take positive action to be inclusive and welcoming. This is something I am committed to and will continue to do.

Everyone is welcome here and there will never be discrimination against race, age, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, religion or belief.

xxx Kathryn xxx

Update June 2020

In light of recent world events, particularly in the USA, I want to add my voice of support for black lives, which have always mattered and always will matter.

I also deplore the inequalities here in the UK that have let to a disproportionate number of deaths from COVID-19 in the BAME community, The lack of will among the powers-that-be to address these inequalities is a disgrace.