Crafternoon Treats Patreon page is open

Crafternoon Treats has a Patreon page! You can go to it by clicking here: or just click the photo above.

I really value any support you can give me, whether its a $2 a month subscription for 3 months, or a larger subscription for a year or longer. You can cancel at any time and your subscription will not only allow me to continue podcasting and vlogging, it will also enable me to generate new content within our Patreon community.

How will the Crafternoon Treats Patreon space work?

Many podcasters have set up a Patreon space to try to generate much needed income. Podcasting takes a lot of time and effort and its really difficult to do it alongside a full time job.

I want to add a Patreon site as an income stream, alongside my Etsy shop in which I sell my yarns and yarn jewellery and my Ravelry store for crochet patterns so that I can avoid having to top up with science writing projects. These are interesting and worthwhile but they take me away from my main focus and sometimes I stretch myself far too thinly.

More than that, I want the Patreon space to be a community where I can get to know you better as you find out more about what I do. The Patreon page is a bit like a Facebook page in that you can comment on posts and chat with each other. Its more personal than YouTube and other social media and hopefully will bring together like-minded crafts with a lot in common. It will be great for me to get feedback from a community of subscribers and to be able to interact with you — more of a two-way street.

What will it cost to subscribe?

The idea is that individual patrons subscribe for a low monthly fee in return for some different rewards. I’ve set up two tiers so that you can sign up for just $2 per month (about £1.50) or $6 per month (about £4.50).

When you subscribe, you sign up for one month and pay your subscription straight away. You are then billed at the beginning of each month that follows, unless you cancel. You can cancel at any time, so you can try it for a month and then unsubscribe. Or subscribe for six months and then have a break. Its totally within your control.

The idea is that this subscription will help fund my production of podcasts, blog posts and tutorials. So to keep me doing what I already do. But I’ll also be giving Patreons something extra.

Gems: $2 each month

Gems will get access to:

  • Additional vlogs throughout the month with behind-the-scenes glimpses into what I’m up to. I’m going to aim for one each month, but there may be more…
  • News about Etsy shop updates and new pattern releases – before these are made live. Patreons will also get the chance to preorder or reserve items in my Etsy shop.
  • Hints and tips and mini tutorials, mainly about crochet but potentially about other crafts too. These will be posts, photos or short videos and, again, I’ll aim for one each month to start with.
  • Entry into a monthly draw for a pattern giveaway. Initially this will be for one of my own patterns but as the site grows, I will purchase patterns from other designers too.

Jewels: $6 each month

Jewels will get access to all of the vlogs, news, tips and the monthly draw as Gems (listed above).

Jewels will also be able to view:

  • Longer and more involved video tutorials that will build into a library over time.
  • Regular 25% discount codes for Ravelry patterns, valid for at least 14 days after the code is announced.
  • Occasional discounts for selected items in my Etsy shop, announced at the start of each month and valid for at least 14 days.
  • Entry into a monthly draw for a giveaway for something yarn related and for a free pattern. Initially this will be one of my patterns but as the site grows I’ll purchase patterns from other designers too.

Crafternoon Treats Patreon page is open