Blocking a crochet mandala – top tips for great results

Blocking a crochet mandala video tutorial 5

Blocking a crochet mandala is a process that can appear both mysterious and tricky to a beginner. But, don’t worry! Its all very is easy using my top tips.

In this last video tutorial in the Meditation Mandala series, I show how to:

  • Block a 100% cotton mandala, quickly and easily without any heat
  • Block a crochet mandala made in 100% wool or a wool acrylic blend without washing your mandala
  • Block an acrylic crochet mandala without a hot iron

Timestamps for the different ways of blocking a crochet mandala

Congratulations on sticking with the tutorials and finishing your beautiful Mandala Meditation. Its now time for that all important finishing step before putting it on display – blocking! The timestamps for the video on blocking (watch above) are here

  • 0.30 Blocking a crochet mandala worked in 100% cotton yarn
  • 3.51 How to block a 100% acrylic mandala
  • 8.22 Blocking techniques for a 100% wool or wool blend mandala

Got questions on blocking a crochet mandala?

If you run into difficulties with any of the Meditation Mandala tutorials just add your question to the comment section under each video in YouTube. I check the comments regularly and will get back to you as soon as I can. I may feature the best questions in a Q&A video in early June 2021.

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