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Welcome to the Crafternoon Treats Bagalong. This started originally as a one month event in June 2015 but it got extended! Its now a permanent fixture of my life, my blog and the focus of a Facebook group – Bagalong with Crafternoon Treats.

If you want to come and join the group just click on the link to the Bagalong on FB and ask to join – depending on the time of day you will get approved by me or one of the other admins pretty quickly. If you are in a different time zone remember I may be asleep… Will approve you in as soon as I can.

This page is now a portal to access the patterns on my blog that are used in the Bagalong. I’m in the process of rejigging the pages and menus so bear with me in October 2015 if things don’t flow as smoothly as they could. All will improve!

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14 thoughts on “Bagalong!

  1. Julie Watson says:

    Hi ,,,,I have just found your site and it is wonderful,, Have only been crocheting for a couple of year’s so looking forward to making a bag from your site ,, Also trying to come across to Selby one Wednesday soon , Thank you for shareing ,,,,,,Julie ,,

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Julie – that’s great I hope to see you at the Crochet and Chat soon. We are carrying on throughout the summer but numbers are a bit low because of holidays etc at the moment. I’ve just missed a week because I was away at my daughter’s graduation but I’m back now until the last week in September x K

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  4. ConnieCee says:

    Thank you for the lovely ideas and patterns. I have shared these with a small group of new crocheters who have made a wonderful job of making the bag, but these little touches will help fill them with inspiration. Thank you again.

  5. Patricia Lines says:

    Love your site. have downloaded one of your patterns and ordered some yarn from Deramores using your link. Thank you.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thank you Patricia – that’s lovely. Its great to know you enjoy the site and the projects I do xxxxx

  6. Leila says:

    Thank you for the free pattern. I’ll make one for my brother’s wife first, he is a cancer survivor, she takes care of him, he’s not able to work just yet.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      That is a very kind thing to do – she will appreciate it I’m sure. My mum battled with cancer for 11 years and its a hard road xxx

  7. Cindy says:

    This is a lovely pattern. Thank you for sharing. I was thinking that I need something bigger for a large project. In my mind I see it more rectangular with two grannies each on opposite sides (and the bottom) and the ends having just one granny each. I’m trying to figure out a placement for the handles that would work and keep everything together. what do you think? Should I keep the handles the same size but still centered or spread them out a bit more?

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Cindy – that sounds like a mega stash bag!!! Will be fun to see how it turns out. I would keep to 10 round granny squares (not the 12 round I am doing for my new stash bag) to keep everything firmer. Maybe longer handles might work – its difficult to know. You might have to make the bag, line it and then find out how it balances using cord tied in place temporarily in different positions. Good luck and keep us updated! xxxxx

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