Love Christmas printables? Oh yes! And its time to enjoy them!

Christmas only comes once a year but it seems like it always manages to sneak up behind you, doesn’t it? This year is the first Christmas I’m running my printables business full time and, as usual, its a sharp learning curve.

I’ve been having so much fun working on Christmas designs that I sort of neglected to timetable in the many hours that I need to spend doing the rather less interesting stuff of actually listing them in my shops.

Note to self and all that. Probably need to start in January next year for Christmas 2023!!

Still, I now have quite a few packs almost ready to go and I’ve had to pedal back on making the videos I had planned to get them sorted. And the first pack is here, ready to buy and then its onwards and upwards.

As well as journaling and printables, I’ve also become a bit obsessed with adding to my collection of antique and vintage books. Old book pages are so useful for art journaling, making journal pages and adding unique features to my digital designs. And in October, a visit to a specialist antique book store that was closing down was a serious high point. But that means that I have so much material, its difficult to know where to start. Its like being a kid in a sweetie shop!

So I have taken just a handful of the books and started scanning and this Antique Christmas Book Page pack is the first to feature some of the antique pages as backgrounds. The French dictionary I got from 1876 is definitely a favourite. It was falling apart but that’s OK as after I have scanned many of the pages, I will be preparing them for my ephemera packs, which are proving very popular. The first one is nearly sold out and I’ve recently listed a new one, with over 100 vintage book pages.

Introducing the Antique Christmas Book Page Pack

The pack has 12 full sheets of designs, all on antique book page backgrounds with about half of them on French dictionary pages. I’ve added in some gorgeous antique images and digitised them to produce a watercolour effect. A bit like those book page watercolour paintings that look so gorgeous on Pinterest.

The pack is available as either A4 or US letter so you don’t need to resize anything. I’ve also included sheets with half size and quarter size images. Again, just so you don’t have to resize anything: you can just print these off and have single journal pages as tip-ins or flip-outs or flip-ups and journaling card sized ephemera.

These are the half sized images, which print as slightly smaller than A5 (with the A4 pack) and slightly smaller than half a US letter page. I don’t think that size has an official name but correct me if I’m wrong!

The journaling card sized pages are incredibly useful. None of the detail is lost and they are brilliant as cards, but you can also trim them at the top to form your own journaling tags.

If you are interested in the Christmas printables, check out the FREEBIE section in my shop. For each pack I’ll be doing a FREEBIE sample page PLUS a 25% discount code that you can download along with the sample.

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook too as I’ll be adding links to the FREEBIES and the packs in my stories. And there will be a highlight that will last for the rest of the year.