Preparing to launch my second YouTube channel: Art Paper Joy

I’ve. been posting videos on my Crafternoon Treats YouTube channel for over 6 years now. I’m absolutely carrying that on, but I feel its time for something new.

So I’m starting a second channel, Art Paper Joy, to focus on my journaling and my digital printables.

I recently opened a completely new printables shop and I now list all of my printables right here on my website with BUY buttons that link directly to that shop.

All of my physical items for sale are also here – my hand dyed yarn, stitch markers and vintage items, when they are in stock.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding some physical journaling supplies too, and some completed junk journals, all ready for you to buy and decorate. Ideal if you want to journal in something handmade, but you haven’t got time to make the journal yourself.

My second channel is called Art Paper Joy and will launch on October 1st 2022. I’m loading up some videos in the week before the launch that are excerpts from videos already published on my Crafternoon Treats channel. I want to build up a following quite quickly, and I’m calling on my current Crafternooners to subscribe and give the new channel a great start.

Subscribe to Art Paper Joy

I always enjoy the interaction with people who watch my videos and who read my blog posts so I thought it would be good to offer some prizes!

The 100th person to subscribe will receive a free digital printable kit of my new Afternoon Tea journal plus an additional printable set of their choice and the 1000th person to subscribe will receive £25 worth of free printables

This is my new logo. I’m starting the second channel to focus on journaling but it will still be me, the one woman show running it all, so it won’t be separate as in two separate ventures.

On Art Paper Joy I’ll be sharing my journaling journey, my new printables, tutorials and process videos and some background about how I design my printables.

On Crafternoon Treats I’ll be focusing on my yarn crafts, my plans for working through some of my stash this winter, my yarn dyeing and yarn shop, stitch markers and how they can be used and on my chatty vlogs. There will be some of these scattered on Art Paper Joy too! But about journaling and its benefits.

I’ll be sharing my art journey too and talking about how I’m incorporating my original art into my printables for kits that are completely my style.

I hope you will join me on the new channel – I’d love to hear from you and build a second community to join the Crafternoon Treats family!