Knitting stitch markers: a useful guide on how to use them

If you are new to knitting or an experienced knitter who has never really considered using stitch markers, this guide is for you.

It accompanies a video I published on my YouTube channel: Everything you need to know about stitch markers, which you can watch here:

Progress keepers

Progress keepers are stitch markers used in exactly the same way in knitting as in crochet. They are fixed to your work to show where you start for the hour, the day, the week, or any other time period you choose.

They add interest to your project, a little pretty yarn jewellery. But they also have a motivational purpose. By seeing exactly how much you have done in the time you have chosen, you can see progress! 

This is particularly useful in a large knitting project in which you can’t really estimate how much you have done just by looking at your work. But a progress keeper will tell you that you have done 5 rows, 10 rounds, 3cm, 1 inch… It all helps you to keep going!

Knitting socks on two circular needles

Knitting stitch markers on rings

Knitters generally use stitch markers that are slipped over the needle, so need to be on a ring. But you can just as easily have some rings for your knitting needles and clip a marker to that ring to denote whatever you want.

My most popular knitting stitch markers on rings are SSK and K2T for sock knitting, beginning of round (BOR) markers and Make one Right (M1R), Make one Left (M1L) markers.

Lace knitting stitch markers

Something that I didn’t really touch on very much in the video is the need for stitch markers in lace knitting. I have had custom requests from lace knitters to make simple markers on rings, either colour coded or all one colour.

Lace knitting can be done on small or large needles so one of the additions I will be making in the future in terms of knitting stitch markers, is the option to buy on different sized soldered rings. That way you can knit lace on tiny needles, or 15mm jumbo needles. Its all about choice!

Removable or non-removable knitting stitch markers?

I’d love you to comment on the video with your thoughts about this. Some knitters prefer to have a lobster claw clasp, or a lever back earring clasp in preference to a soldered ring. I’d love to know why?

What is your favourite way to use knitting stitch markers?