Life In A Hurry in a Remarkable Month

July has been remarkable here in the UK because of one of our favourite obsessions – the weather. And the weather out-did itself mid-month with an unprecedented heatwave with 40 C PLUS temperatures.

Even in my thick walled house, where I managed to keep me and the cats cool during the day using a fan, thermal blinds and staying indoors, the nights were sweltering and it was so difficult to sleep.

Its also been the month when my new windows and front door have been fitted! So glad that is done before winter as the door and a couple of the windows had started to leak last winter. They look amazing too – I opted for white frames inside, which makes a big difference to the dark brown ones there before.

I’ve been trying not to hurry with things as all this has created some disruption to my usual routine but it was unavoidable for some of the month. Not exactly hurrying, maybe, just putting in the hours.

One of the first things I did this month was to change my channel art (see photo at the top of the blog) so that its easy to see when I am publishing my videos each week. I also then had to spend more time to get my videos filmed, edited and up on YouTube and all that goes with that. I’ve also been working on my online shop presence.

More of that later, but first here are links to this month’s videos in case you’ve missed them:

Catch up on my July 2022 videos

The crochet cardigan round up video was particularly popular and it was great to be able to offer some prizes of the patterns. Thanks again to the designers, who were all so generous. All the prizes have now been sent except one, who I need to try to contact again for her email or Ravelry address. Check your YouTube notifications!!!

A brand new shop!

Learn more

So yes, I’ve been working hard this month on my online shop and I feel I’ve made a lot of progress. My most popular stitch markers, including the Never Forget your Hook Size crochet stitch markers are now listed and available, as are the DK and 4ply sock yarns I currently have in stock.

I’m now busy restructuring the listings for my digital printables and putting them on Etsy but also on my own website with links to buy on my new PayHip shop.

I decided to go for maximum exposure for my printables as I’m trying to build up sales on those over the next few months. I have quite a few more listings to tidy up and then I will also be adding some completely new printables, including journal kits. Watch out for some process videos coming soon to show how you can use the kits and what you can make.

So yes, a busy and productive month but, as ever, I wish I could have got MORE done!!! Its always the way but at least I’ve made time this month to go on several really great local walks, visit London for a week and get some car boot sale bargains!

But it did mean I had to bail out a bit on this Saturday’s video and just have a chat instead of what I had planned. But such is life!