Shrinkflation: now its attacked my craft storage!

Hi everyone! This new video is all about shrinkflation and how its becoming much more common during the current cost-of-living crisis. 

I’ve noticed that quite a few items in my weekly shop have been hit by shrinkflation but this week I realised just how serious that is for… my craft storage!

I know! Bit of a disaster!

Before I get more into it, I wanted to let you know about another video I’ve published on my YouTube Channel recently. Its a round up of 12 of my favourite CROCHET CARDIGAN PATTERNS. You can watch it here and all of the links to the patterns are in this blog post.

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Shrinkflation, or skimpflation as its sometimes called, is the practice by manufactures to reduce the size of an item and then sell it for the same price, or even more…

Its quite hard to spot when you are shopping online because you can’t gauge the physical size of the item by actually handling it. But you can get caught out easily when shopping in person too.

I have two examples of shrinkflation from my recent shopping experiences – the one impacting on my craft storage – and another in a local shop. I made a complaint about that one and won’t be shopping there again because I felt I got completely ripped off!

Things are hard enough financially these days aren’t they? But its no excuse to pull the wool over our eyes.

So I recommend you take a careful look at your shop this week and see if shrinkflation has crept in for you!

Shrinkflation and my craft storage