Create and craft but avoid the whack-a-mole game

Create and Craft and try to stay cheerful… but life is hard at the minute isn’t it?

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! I published a new video on Saturday so if you haven’t seen it yet, please do go check it out.

My need to create and craft never deserts me but I am really in the doldrums at the moment, with Etsy sales on the floor, social media posts reaching only a couple of cats, my YouTube viewing figures well down and generally seem to be putting a lot of effort in but going nowhere…

BUT there are a lot of glimmers of light on the horizon…

In this video I’m chatting about some of the issues I’m facing (while keeping a sense of humour because, if you don’t do that, what’s the point?).

I’ve had a huge number of comments on the video already and its doing better than the last few, so that is great news. I’ve also had so many useful suggestions and comments and am feeling really well loved just now and motivated to try out some new things.

Go watch the video and then read all the comments – they are truly amazing!

One of the changes I’m making is to do far more strident thumb nail pictures for the video… A bit much?? But the problem is that I’m competing with the other 15 billion (yes, 15 BILLION) YouTube videos that available to watch EVERY DAY…

One aspect of the create and craft lark that I could do without actually! Its also a bit tongue in cheek as you can see but one sensible suggestion I’ve found online is to make your headings on thumbnails much bigger as they show up so small in the YouTube feed that people can’t read them otherwise. Makes sense!!


Crafternoon Treats in CRISIS

War in Europe, post-pandemic hits, Brexit and ongoing unsolved issues, rising prices, cost of living crisis… none of it sets the backdrop any of us want to life does it?

Watch NOW!

I’ll also be aiming for a balance of content over the next few weeks and months and getting back to some crochet content. If you are missing that, I understand.  But as a one-woman show, I can’t do everything and diversifying my business has been taking priority recently.

If you want to check out some of my previous crochet videos, this one is a great place to start. You can read the blog notes here.

Read the notes


The other thing I’m doing is publishing 2 videos a week for a while to see how that goes. Weds and Saturday 1am UK time. So its ready for USA viewers the previous evening (as they are 5-8 hours behind UK time) and ready for UK and European viewers to watch with their morning tea or coffee. Australia – around lunchtime on the day (I think…).

So yeah, if you want to help my channel out and help me out but don’t want to spend your rapidly dwindling cash supplies, please do watch and comment and maybe share the video on your socials?

That would make a HUGE difference.

Thank you xxx Kathryn xxx

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