Colour therapy and crafting: a delicious duo

Hi there and welcome to the new-look Crafternoon Treats website. Its a bit of a work in progress still, but I’m busy working on it so by the time of the next video, everything should be coming together!

In today’s video I’m chatting about what I’ve been up to and thinking particularly about colour. Its something we take for granted most of the time, but looking at colour and playing with colour can really lift your mood and take your mind off your troubles. And we all have plenty of those at the moment, what with the news of events around the world, and the ever-upward spiral of the price and cost of just about everything.

I’ve had a lot of fun creating a Soothing Swatches Printables kit that really developed from me needing something to swatch out paints and do paint mixing experiments. I find it way too hard to keep in neat boxes in a sketchbook and I kept getting frustrated with the untidiness of it all.

I started by using some stamps and ink that I had and then realised that if I scanned in a blank sheet I could easily reproduce the swatching sheets on cartridge paper by printing them out, again and again. Perfect! A whole stash of swatching sheets ready in just a few seconds.

I find them really fine when printed on cartridge paper but you can also buy 190gsm watercolour paper from Amazon in A3 size. This is easy enough to cut in half and it goes through the printer with no problems at all. My printer gets a bit fed up at anything over 250gsm, so this is just right. Its a nice colour and has a nice texture too.

You can buy the printable Soothing Swatches kit by clicking the link above that takes you to my Etsy shop. The kit is available in either A4 or US letter and is currently included in the Jubilee sale for the month of June 2022.

Happy Crafting xxx Kathryn xxx

Soothing Swatches

A printable kit with more than 30 full pages with plenty of fun images to use in your paint and colour swatching and mixing.

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Different page formats available

The kit is available to print in A4 standard format (297mm x 260mm) or US letter (279mm x 261mm)

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