Easy craft project? Love doodling and art journaling?

easy craft project art journal page

Easy craft projects are what we all need right now. Something creative and colourful but that anyone can do with just basic supplies.

In this video I’m sharing a project that I did recently that definitely falls into the slot of easy crafting. Using a charity shop book that cost £1, some black gesso and some acrylic and gouache paints that I already had, I’ve created a dramatic art journaling spread with some cute doodle birds and dandelions.

I have little or no experience in art journaling and this easy craft project was perfect to just have a go and experiment. As children, we play and explore with art and craft materials without worrying about how it will turn out. Getting back to just having fun and not worrying about what other people will think is really important for all of us.

Many videos that you see on YouTube, and many posts on instagram from very talented art journal makers and junk journal makers are fantastic for inspiration. But do you find they make you feel a bit inadequate? A bit deflated because you know what you produce will never look as good as theirs.

Do you think about starting, and then realise you don’t have any of the stuff, and to get it is really expensive? A moleskin journal, artist quality paints, a mass of tools and equipment that has been put together by a professional?

Me too, so I decided to film what I did and share it to encourage you to just have a go using what you already have. You don’t have to use the same materials as I did. Just an old book and some paints and pens. You can easily just make it on a plain white page in a cheap sketch book or just use copy paper.

The black gesso adds the drama and a big pot of this is £5 and I purchased it knowing I would be using it time and time again. The paints are Arteza ones, which are not artist grade and which my family bought me for Christmas. The Posca pens, which could be replaced by any permanent marker pen that you probably already have, were my Mother’ Day present.

The important thing is that easy craft projects that don’t need a lot of equipment or supplies are the way to get started. Just throw your worries aside and have a go!

I’m pleased with my efforts but the spread is hardly a masterpiece! Its just fun and that’s what matters!


xxx Kathryn xxx

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