Dyeing up new DK sock yarn colourways

I’ve been having a lovely time dyeing up some DK sock yarn colourways to completely the 4ply colourways already in my Etsy shop.

Here are the direct links to all the yarns currently available. Each order of any of these yarns qualifies you for a free pattern – the Suddenly its Summer shawl that I published last year. As an indie dyer I’d love to do more patterns, but there are just not enough hours in the day!

This pattern is a one-skein shawl patter for any 4ply sock yarn skein but you will probably need two skeins of the DK sock yarn to make a decent sized shawl. This is something I’m going to be doing in the next couple of weeks using the Terre Lavendula colourway!

The yarns are picture below in the same order as listed:


In today’s video I’m chatting about new sock yarns that are now in my Etsy shop and taking you behind the scenes to see how some of them were born in my dyepots. Hand dyed yarn is expensive, but the raw materials are pricey to start with and then a hand dyer has to put so much time and effort in the dyeing process and post-dyeing activities. Once the yarn dye, it needs to be twisted up, photographed, labelled and packaged up when sold. Yarn dyeing itself is a small part of the process! And don’t mention the washing up!!

I’ve had quite a few questions about where my inspiration for different colourways come from when I’m dyeing. It can be anywhere really.

The first sock yarn in the DK series, Terre verte, was inspired by a YouTube video I watched about watercolour mixing for greens, including this shade. I then took the idea of using different combinations of dyes to produce speckled and variegated earth tones in different colours. Terre rosea, Terre cotta and Terra viola came out of that.

Seagrass was a custom dye order, based on a recent colourway I did in a different base, and Terre lavendula was inspired by the photograph on my calendar for May 2022!

Inspiration for dyeing colourways can come from anywhere and its a lovely thing to do to collect inspirational photos on my phone, or in notebooks. As long as I can remember where they are when I need them!

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