When life happens, quiet healing moments are important

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Life happens sometimes doesn’t it, and completely throws your carefully made plans into disarray. July has been a difficult month so far, rather unexpectedly so. You can find more about the whys and whats in my latest chatty podcast, #120… Life happens:

In this post I want to talk more about some of the things I find helpful when I realise I am starting to feel overwhelmed by circumstances and everything seems to be spinning out of control.

But first, here are the links to some of the things I talk about in the Life Happens episode.

Episode 120: quick links

You can find my Suddenly Its Summer pattern on Ravelry here and the introductory discount of 25% currently lasts until the end of July but I will probably extend it until the end of August.

Stylecraft Regatta is a great yarn for making washcloths and dishcloths and you can find more about it here. Its available from all the major online retailers and there are currently six lovely bright colourways. The one I used is Crew:

Entwine is the new mystery crochet-along from Joanne Scrace at The Crochet Project starts on July 23rd and there will be a new clue every week for five weeks. The project is a shawl, which is made from two skeins of fingering weight yarn in contrasting colours. The pattern costs £4 and is update with all the new clues and is available on Ravelry and on The Crochet Project website. As I say in the podcast, the description mentions the pattern contains some unusual techniques so possibly not a project for complete beginners in crochet.

My self care reset plan

When things happen that I can’t control, I find the best way to deal with it is to be kind to myself and practise some good self care. In the last couple of weeks I had a big scare with my daughter’s health, it was the 8th anniversary of my mum’s death and my car broke down. I coped with it all pretty well but I could feel the start of those feelings of overwhelm when everything starts to get a bit much.

So I thought I’d share my strategy for how I’m trying to get back onto an even keel again, ready for a week of productive work and creativity.

  • Allow myself some time to just do nothing. Emotional and worrying events need extra processing time and rather than throwing myself into getting busy with something, I find it most helpful to give myself some space to reflect.
  • Allow myself time to potter and do whatever I feel like. Quite often I feel quite restless during times of overwhelm so I find it useful to just let myself drift from one activity to another. And I don’t mean scrolling on social media – it has to be something that helps to ground me, such as doing a row on a crochet project, baking some bread, cleaning out a drawer, watching a short podcast or YouTube vlog, flicking through a magazine or doing some sticking and journaling.
  • Make time to go for a gentle peaceful walk. Not one that intends to build up the steps, use up the calories or contribute to exercise. Although all of those are very good goals, sometimes a walk needs to have no purpose. Just putting one foot in front of the other, taking in the countryside views and breathing in the summer air is all you need.
  • Spend some time prettying up my surroundings. Clean my desk, add a new cloth, put on a scented candle, play some relaxing music. It all helps to create a calm mood.
  • Prepare and eat simple meals. This is not the time to be planning elaborate new recipes. Lots of fresh fruit, veggies and some simple, comforting things like cheesy pasta with salad really hit the spot.
  • Pare down the chores to the real essentials. As long as you are fed, the pets are fed and you don’t neglect everyday tasks too much, deep cleaning and energetic hoovering can wait.
  • Take time to read something that inspires you; your favourite blogs, some inspiring quotes, a favourite book.
  • Do something watery: a lovely shower, a soak in the bath, a home foot spa. Water is such a healing and relaxing medium that really helps you feel you are caring for your mind and your body.
  • Make sure you wind down before sleep. Go to bed early and moisturise your hands and face, put on a meditation and relax completely. And, if you can, don’t set an alarm. Make sure that your body has the time that it needs to catch up on sleep.
  • For me, the final thing is to set a time limit on my self-care reset. After this weekend, come Monday morning I will be at my desk, setting up my plans for the week and launching into my work and business life again. Make your self-care open-ended and you can find it difficult to get back into your normal routine.

When life happens to you, I hope my videos help!

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