Is my love of crochet a gift from great-grandma Lucy?

Welcome to Episode 118 of the Crafternoon Treats podcast! I’m talking about my love of crochet quite a lot in this episode and I can feel my mojo returning. Have a watch – notes are below xx

What I’m wearing… its actually a knitted shawl

The Linus shawl by Annett Cordes is a brilliant beginner knitter shawl – free pattern link

My video on making the shawl: its not a tutorial, just a conversation really…

My new crochet shawl

During my recent trip to Manchester, I took along my Stylecraft Batik yarns and started the SisLove Half Circle shawl by SisHandMade. This is a free crochet pattern and is written entirely as a series of charts. Its a lovely design, but you have to be chart-confident to be comfortable with making it.

I haven’t got very far yet but I did to a quick pit-stop blocking process, which I show in the video, so that the lace stitches really opened up well for me to show it in the podcast.

Is your love of crochet based on charts or patterns?

Crochet charts are a bit like marmite – you love them or hate them. I love them, but what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below the video! Don’t forget to like and subscribe too – it would be wonderful if you wanted to join my YouTube community.

A love of crochet lace was part of my childhood

One of the reasons I love lace and charts so much is that this was how I learned to crochet. As I remember making lace doilies when I was in the last couple of years of primary school, I must have picked up a hook for the first time when I was seven or eight years old. I could say I’ve been crocheting 50 years, but as I had a 25 year hiatus, that would be egging the pudding a bit!

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The crochet expertise of Lucy, my great-grandmother

When I was looking out the lace that I’d made in childhood, I also found the three crocheted egg cosy dolls that I think my great-grandmother Lucy made. These were with some crochet lace that I am sure she made, in a small cotton bag in my mum’s house when we cleared it after she died in 2013.

Lucy was a great crocheter and my mum told me that she used to sit for hours with a tiny hook and work lengths of crochet lace to sew on to vast white linen table cloths. Although the family was hardly well off, she kept a very tidy house. Every meal time was a family get-together with her husband and 8 children and white linen was always used.

I don’t know if such things can pass down generations? Maybe the need to crochet or to knit or do other crafts comes from the way our brains are wired. THAT could definitely be under the influence of genetics, so you never know.

Encouraging my love of crochet through crafty play

One way that I’ve found to regain my crochet mojo is to just play.

Play with other crafts, play with crochet. In the last couple of weeks I’ve really been enjoying the classes and videos of Amanda Rach Lee on YouTube and on Skillshare, who are the kind sponsors of this episode of the podcast. Getting support from an organisation like Skillshare is really important for helping me grow my channel, and allows me to spend all the time that I do making videos.

So if you’ve not tried Skillshare, click on the link in the description box under the video or here and take your free trial. You can cancel before the trial ends or decide to carry on with an annual subscription.

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New of Mango the cat and his recent operation

You can find out how Mango got on with his dental surgery at the very end of the podcast!

Still enjoying lovely rural walks

I’ve also included some photos and footage of a lovely morning walk I did this week. I’m still absolutely loving my walking