Third mandala video tutorial! How to work rounds 7-12

Crochet Mandala Meditation video tutorial Part 3

Welcome to the third in the Meditation Mandala Video Tutorial series. In this video you can follow along the detailed, stitch by stitch demonstration of how to crochet rounds 7-12 of your mandala.

Once round 12 is complete, you can use your work as a completed crochet mandala and use it as a pretty table decoration for a vase or as a placemat. If yours is a 100% cotton mandala, you also have a very fancy wash cloth. Crochet mandalas are quick to make and would be the perfect small gift for a friend, whether they can crochet or not.

Timestamps for Part 3 of the Meditation Mandala Video Tutorial

  • 0.00 Overview, reminder of materials you need, info on which colours are used in each round
  • 0.38 Round 7
  • 3.18 Round 8
  • 4.56 Round 9
  • 6.35 Round 10
  • 8.32 Round 11
  • 11.10 Round 12
When you complete rounds 7 to 12 your mandala will look like this

Links to other video tutorials in the series

The instructions on how to crochet the meditation mandala as spread across five video tutorials so that you can come back to each one and find what you need. Timestamps for each video are listed in the Description box on YouTube and in the accompanying blog post:

The Meditation Mandala at the end of round 12. This is a finished mandala in its own right and can be used as a table decoration, a dressing table mat or as a crochet washcloth

Excited about making crochet mandalas?

I think crochet mandalas are great. They provide a relaxing meditation, they allow you to use up scraps of beautiful yarn and they are quick and easy to make. The Meditation Mandala has a few surprises and interesting stitches, which may have been fun for you to learn. But it you found it a bit of a challenge, you might like my simpler crochet mandala patterns:

The Blandala circular crochet blanket – read more about it in this blog post

The Mega granny mandala – read more about it in this blog post

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