An easy mandala first: Video tutorial rounds 1-6

Easy mandala tutorial part 1 Mediation mandala

Let the crochet begin with the first 6 rounds to complete this easy mandala!

In Part 2 of the Meditation Mandala Video Tutorial series, I show you how to start your mandala and crochet rounds 1 to 6 to produce a mini mandala.

You can build on this easy mandala and progress through to round 18 to complete your mandala. Or you can use it as a finished coaster or face wipe.

You can also make rounds 1-6 to check your tension and then remake the mandala centre using a different hook size as necessary.

Found this post in a search? Get the info you need to start the Meditation Mandala by reading this introductory blog post. You can also watch the introductory video to the tutorial series on YouTube.

The mandala uses 16g Colour A, 23g Colour B and 14g colour C when made in 100% DK cotton. The weights will probably be less if made with acrylic or wool yarn, as these are less dense.

The order of colours used in the mandala in rounds 1-6 are here:

Colours used in this easy mandala

If you are ready to get going, you can watch the video tutorial here:

Timestamps: Meditation Mandala tutorial rounds 1-6

You can rewind, fast forward, re-watch the individual rounds easily by using the time stamps below:

  • 0.00 Overview, reminder of materials you need, info on which colours are used in each round
  • 0.52 Round 1
  • 4.12 Round 2
  • 7.18 Round 3
  • 9.14 Round 4
  • 11.27 Round 5
  • 13.34 Round 6

The Meditation Mandala tutorial does not have a written pattern because all of the information, including written panels for each round, are within the video tutorials.

Here is the complete list of tutorials in the series, including links to YouTube:

Note that the links will work only after the individual videos are published.

You can also watch the videos through the Mandala Meditation Video Tutorial Series Playlist

Video tutorial for crochet standing stitches

You can also access a more detailed tutorial that shows how to make standing stitches. I use standing stitches in rounds 1-6 and throughout because they give a neat, seamless finish. They are so easy to do too so why not add them to your crochet repetoire.

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Other crochet mandala patterns

Making crochet mandalas is a great way to relax with your favourite colours and the yarn you love to use. Mandalas are crocheted in the round, forming a circular piece of crochet that can be as simple or as intricate as you like. The Meditation Mandala has more intricate stitches compared to my other crochet mandalas. I really love working the granny stitch in a circle and have made several types over the years:

The Blandala circular crochet blanket – read more about it in this blog post

The Mega granny mandala – read more about it in this blog post

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