Making Pebbles

Making Pebbles finished crochet sweater

Pebbles: a crochet sweater

I’m really on a roll in 2021. Pebbles is the third sweater I’ve completed this year, and its only early March! I guess that is one of the silver lining to being in a pandemic lockdown…

I used a free pattern by Joy of Motion Crochet, which you can explore for yourself here:

Sweater pattern

I’ve called my sweater Pebbles as that’s the name of the colourway in the Stylecraft Amor yarn that I used to make it. The pattern goes by the name of The Sleeve Raglan but I wanted to give my jumper a bit more of a friendly, less practical name.

The colours of the yarn really do remind me of pebbles on a beach. Wouldn’t it be lovely if I got to wear my Pebbles on an actual pebbly beach sometime in the early summer this year, once lockdown has been eased. Fingers crossed!!

In this post I’m going to put together extensive notes of how I made Pebbles, what the experience taught me and things I’m going to take away for my next crochet sweater project.

But first, I’ve produced a video to show it off and to chat about it. You can watch in YouTube now, then bookmark the post so that you have the notes for reference in the future if you decide to continue your own crochet wearables journey with this pattern.


This sweater was a very quick make. I used Stylecraft Amore yarn in the colourway Pebbles, hence the name, which is an Aran weight yarn in a lovely variegated mixture of browns, parchments and rusts.

Its made top down as a raglan with a plain design on the front and back and a different, more textured stitch pattern on the sleeves. The pattern sample uses different coloured yarns to really mark out the sleeves from the rest of the sweater but I used the same yarn throughout, apart from three different stripes at the end of the sleeves and at the hem.


In total I used 5 full 100g balls of Stylecraft Amor yarn and just scraps of three colours of Stylecraft Special Aran – Parchment, Dark Brown and Silver grey. All these solid colours pick up colours in the variegated yarn.

I followed the pattern as far as stitch pattern and sizing, making the XL size so that it would fit and have a little bit of positive ease. I did change the position of the start of the row, moving it from the centre back to the back right raglan increase point. It was a lot less noticeable here and it was easy to keep track of the stitch counts by making the number at the back equal the number at the front. The sleeve stitch counts were unaffected.

I carried on as per pattern until the bottom of the sweater, which I made longer than suggested. As a hem, I switched to the stitch pattern used in the sleeves, working one 3-row repeat with Pebbles (the Amor yarn), one with Aran in Parchment, one with Aran in Dark Brown and one with the Aran in Silver grey, finishing again with the Amor in Pebbles. The row of UK dc stitches in each pattern repeat is in the Amor pebbles to give a contrast,

I finished the hem, the sleeves and the neckline with a round of UK dc stitches and then a round of reverse UK dc stitches, more commonly known as crab stitch. I think its reverse single crochet in US terms.