On the first day of Christmas…

8am on Christmas morning 2020. Up early, as ever as cats need their breakfast. Its amazing to me that animals with no sense of what a clock is, are still able to tell the time with unnerving accuracy. Their tummy clock goes off at 7am, 12 noon and 5pm sharp everyday and they never get the memo that its Christmas, the clocks have gone backwards or forwards, or that its Sunday and a lie-in would be nice.

Once the cat feeding, dishwasher loading, side clearing and giant cup-of-tea making is done, I enjoy sitting in the quiet of the morning kitchen. At Christmas, it really is quiet and I can sit and drink my tea, plan the morning and generally just be.

Yesterday we had a buffet meal, with quiche, salad, pork pie, cold meats, cheese and other Christmassy bits. Its only the two of us, me and my son this year because of the COVID restrictions but we intend to make the most of the chance to have a fun, do-what-we-like Christmas.

Today we have a chicken to roast with all the trimmings, which we plan to eat around 3pm and then open our presents and watch films. Unlike other years, there isn’t much food prep to do as I peeled parsnips and carrots yesterday and bought frozen roast potatoes and other bits from the supermarket. I’m going to just enjoy the downtime rather than trying to be some sort of domestic superwoman. Trying being the operative word there as you will know if you watched my baking exploits during Vlogmas.

Later I’ll be doing some sock knitting as I actually did manage to do a Christmas cast-on. I was thinking of doing the Hermoine Everyday Sock but I did a really stupid thing yesterday that might mean I have to make them plain as my index finger is hampered by a plaster…

We love to eat red cabbage at Christmas and I have a recipe from my brother that is a wonderful way of cooking it. I prepared it yesterday too, and to save time, I shredded the cabbage in the food processor. I put all of the food processor bits into hot water in the sink to wash up later, then totally forgot that the blades were in there. Next time I put my hand in, it caught the end of my right index finger.

Its not at all bad but its right on my knitting finger where I press on the needle when working!!! I have a plaster that prevents me poking the cut with the knitting needle, but the plaster catches on the yarn when I knit right handed, which I need to do for Hermoine’s socks. Its fine when I work doing continental knitting, which I can do easily for a Vanilla plain sock.

So, that may be my decision made for me, unless I wait until its healed in a few days and work on something else. I didn’t try crocheting yesterday so will have to see how the plaster situation affects that. And there was me looking forward to many hours spent playing with yarny projects this quiet Christmas…

Time for coffee now and a quick tidy up, light the wood fired Aga, and then get showered and ready to chat with my daughter and her boyfriend in Manchester via Zoom. Not that we are getting dressed up, but even in 2020, Christmas Day spent in PJs is a step too far.

Happy Christmas xxx

Vlogmas playlist link is below if you fancy a chat and a catch up and you haven’t watched it xxx