106: Hello again, crojo

Welcome to another episode of the Crafternoon Treats podcast:

Its mid August and its been hot here in my bit of East Yorkshire for the last week or so, so I’m sitting outside doing the editing and writing these notes with my feet dabbling in a washing up bowl full of cold water. Bliss.

I start the podcast by talking about the insights I’ve gained from an Audible course in Creative Thinking by Gerard Puccio of the University of Buffalo in the USA. You can hear more about it in the vlog I released earlier in the week:

What I’m wearing

The shawl I have on (not that I needed one as it was a bit warm on the day I filmed) is the Celadon shawl that my friend Helen AKA @florahoneypot on Instagram made as a sample for me for Yarndale last year. Its the Diamonds for Flora shawl that was designed for Helen by Veronika Cromwell of the Blue Star Crochet Company. Do visit Veronika’s website and sign up to her newsletter (sign up is in the right hand margin) as she often gives subscribers access to a new pattern free for a few days after it launches.

My completed hexagon wrap

If I can manage it, I’ve thought about doing a full and proper ta-da! post for the hexagon wrap but that is something I will have to save until next week. In the meantime, a quick reminder that I used the pack of minis from Scheepjes, which contains 58 colours in 10g balls across the rainbow and is a mixture of some balls Riverwashed and some balls Stonewashed (all DK).

But in the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of the finished wrap.

Reviewing my blankets in progress

With my renewed motivation and interest in thinking creatively to plan projects rather than just leaping in and getting bored, I’ve review the two blankets I’ve been making.

Both are sort of stalled at the moment, partly because its hot and summery and partly because I’ve run out out steam with both of them.

But at least I’ve identified the problem so getting these naughties back on track seems a little easier now. On the left is the Kilim style blanket I started years ago and restarted during vlogmas last year. And on the left is the mini skein blanket that I’m doing in granny triplet stitch in a log cabin pattern.

Getting back into crochet sock making

For more information about the Rialto socks I’ve made, take a look at the separate blog post published earlier this week.

Giveaway and discount codes

The giveaway for this episode is one copy of the Rialto sock pattern by Hannah Cross, which I will purchase and gift to the winner on Ravelry.

To enter, comment on the video in the box beneath it.

I also have some discount codes for you:

  • Quote HANJANCODE in Hannah’s Ravelry store to get 50% off the Rialto sock pattern (thank you Simply Crochet), which is valid until 31 August 2020.
  • Quote HANJANSTORE in Hannah’s Ravelry store to get 50% off any of her other patterns (except for Simply Crochet patterns). This is also valid until 31st August 2020.

Hannah has lots of free patterns as well as paid ones so make sure to have a browse:


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