Episode 104: Shawl tales

Welcome to the latest episode of my podcast, which is a special one as I have a virtual co-host! Click below to watch. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and look through some of the vlogs I’ve been during as we go through the pandemic.

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Shawl patterns by Emma of Potter and Bloom

Six wives shawl – Lisa made the crochet version but there is also a knitted version.

Caravan of Love shawl – I also made the crochet version but there is also a knitted version.

Visit Emma’s blog here.

Lisa’s YouTube Channel

You can view her latest video here and subscribe to her channel. As well as this (rare) crochet video, she mainly does relaxation videos and meditations. The sleep one is really good…

Mini hexagon tutorial

I did this a few weeks ago to show how I am making the three round hexagons.

The mini grab bags

I have seven grab bags with 10 x 20g minis in each and each one will go to first-come, first-served and I’ll keep a small waiting list in case someone changes their mind or runs into problems with online payments.

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