Episode 100: Part I Virtual Yarn Show

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the blog post accompanying Episode 100 of my podcast, which you can view on YouTube using the link below:

Episode 100 is Part I of a Virtual Yarn Show, with Part II next week (Episode 101). I’ve been dyeing new colourways with my son this week so I’ll be following up with a podcast about dye techniques and showing you all the squishy colourways that we’ve produced.

These will be going into my Etsy shop, which is always open and is continuing throughout the pandemic crisis. World wide postal services are still operating and I am doing a drop and go post office run once a week with very minimal risk. And as we all know yarn is ESSENTIAL!!!!

Seriously though, I know this is not a time when many people will be splashing their cash on luxury items so please see below how else you can support me 🙂

Important links for this podcast

The Yarn Craft Council information on yarn weights is here.

The Daisy Twist Cowl is by Handmade by Smine and is available on Ravelry.

I talk more about worsted spinning and woollen spinning in Episode 73 of the podcast from last year:

Link to the Blandala pattern on Ravelry is here.

Next week it will be Episode 101 and Part II of the Virtual Yarn Show. I’ve been dyeing up some lovely colourways with my son and this podcast will feature all that we have been getting up to.

You can also join me on more daily vlogs this week as we head towards the middle of April.

xxx Kathryn xxx

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