Covid-19 crisis: my plans

Hi everyone

I’ve been a bit slow to update my blog so I’m in the process of adding some new posts for the two podcasts I’ve published since the world changed.

I’m doing daily vlogs and I’m increasing my interaction on my YouTube channel and Patreon space so that we can support each other as we stay at home to save lives.

I’m lucky. Very lucky. I have a home-based business that I can keep going at the moment and my Etsy shop will remain open. I hope to sustain myself and my son through this crisis by generating enough income from my Etsy sales, Patreon income and a few extras, like ad revenue from YouTube and from those generous enough to buy me a coffee through my Kofi page.

Its not much but I can do a little to keep the economy going (drop in the ocean seems to spring to mind) but at least I will be helping to support the local Post Office in Snaith, which has had the double whammy of our local floods and now the Covid-19 situation to cope with. Its only a tiny PO so my drop and go parcels, which I will carry on taking once a week, is quite significant for them at least.

You can listen to me talking more about my plans in Episode 96:

You can get straight to the playlist for the daily vlogs by clicking here or click on the image below:

I’ve also published Episode 97 of the podcast – which was also daily vlog 005. I can’t imagine anyone wanting two doses of me in one day haha…

Ways you can support me (if you’d like)

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Buy me a £3 coffee through Ko-fi. I’m investing half of all coffee money and 10% of my Patreon income into craft-based businesses in areas of the world struggling with poverty. The projects are all through and you can read more about them here.

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