Less food waste: Less in 2020

Hello! Its the middle of January already and I am loving the way my 2020 is shaping up so far.I’ve had so many lovely and encouraging comments about the Less in 2020 vlogpost and on Episode 91 of the podcast and I have so many ideas of what to cover as we go through the year.

Also on my planning list is expanding my Patreon space. Over the next week or so I’m putting together some more tiers with extra benefits. I’ll tell you more about that in a future post but this blogpost is the first one I will be doing that is available to Patrons only for a couple of days before it goes live on my website.

Its just a trial really to see how it works so it will be live to Jewels first, then a day later to Gems too and then a day later it will go live on the blog so that everyone can read it. I’ll leave the comments open on this post so you can let me know what you think.

Less food waste in 2020

Back to the topic of the post! I’ve been thinking more about the food I buy in terms of how I’m going to use it as well as whether its wrapped in plastic or not.

I’m not the only one, I’m sure, who over-buys and then ends up with food that is either well past its sell-by date or just looks so nasty that the bin is the only place it can end up.

As I’m going to trial the veg box from the farm shop I told you about, I want to make sure that I use every scrap and eat far less processed foods. That means thinking ahead about what I’ve got and how it can be used so I’ve had a lot of fun going through my (very many!) cook books acquired over the years and looking on the Food Channel and YouTube for ideas.

As you know, YouTube is a bit like an over-exuberant puppy and once you watch one cooking how-to video, your feed is filled with them. But it can have its upsides and I came across one today, totally by chance, when I opened YouTube to answer some of the comments.

The presenter has a very gentle approach – some YouTubers are so in-your-face, its scary. But she demonstrates the recipe and I really enjoyed watching so I thought you might too.

The channel is a very popular one called Souped Up Recipes.

I haven’t looked at any other recipe videos that she’s done but this one is brilliant. I tried it today for a brunch breakfast as I got up early and was outside cleaning out the car at 9am. Gone are all the parking receipts, junk and gunk and its had a good clean and hoover out, ready to go to the hand car wash later when I go off to the Post Office again.

I didn’t use any pork or prawns, just what I had: 2 spring onions, half a stick of celery, some red cabbage, some yellow pepper, half a fresh chilli, a cold baked potato left over from the day before yesterday, eggs, soy sauce and seasoning. I didn’t have any oyster sauce but I did have some sweet chilli sauce in a pack that needed to be used today.

OMG it was so good!!! Just hit the spot and was so tasty. I don’t think us Brits often think of eating veg and salad things for breakfast but the addition of the crunch really worked with the flavoured egg.

No pictures of my efforts that didn’t look as good as the ones on the video. Imagine a broken omelette made by a five year old and you will be close. But it doesn’t matter what it looked like, it tasted beeping fantastic. 🙂

And finally…

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6 thoughts on “Less food waste: Less in 2020

  1. Donna says:

    Hi, Kathryn. As a Jewel level subscriber, I was able to login and watch this. But I did have to verify several times, not sure why. Anyway, great post! I will surely try this with my husband on some lazy Saturday morning. Thanks for the tip!

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Donna – I don’t know why the verification issue but let me know if it happens again and I can report back to Patreon xxx

  2. Ellen says:

    No problems with this posting. Eggs have such a bad reputation in the US which is scandalous because they are a perfect protein. Our doctors are so freaked about cholesterol and eggs. One year it is throw away the yolks. The next year it is eat them up. Other countries use them as their best source of protein. Since I don’t have the enzymes to digest animal protein, I exclusively use soy. Tofu is an excellent substitute for eggs in this dish. The more veggies you eat the more you enjoy them. Ask my 6 foot 3 inch grandson who decided to go vegetarian for a month to bug his older sister, who is also vegetarian. When he was a teen, he didn’t think anything existed besides meat. More than a year later after his one month veggie trial, he is still vegetarian. He has lost 40 pounds and feels much better. He takes salads to work at his software development job. Of course, he was living with me, a vegan, at the time he switched so I introduced him to a lot of tasty meals sans meat. Now he even buys tofu and serves it for his friends who don’t know that’s what they are eating. I dearly hope you enjoy your “less” year. I am rooting for you and look forward to hearing what you are trying next. It does take time to do “less” but I use my Instapot a lot for making tasty meals that I don’t have to stay in the kitchen and tend. Until next time.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Thanks Ellen – my daughter is vegetarian and was vegan for a bit and I eat a lot of plant based meals. I’ve never been much of a carnivore and cook meat now mainly for my son and my brother, when they visit xx

  3. Veronica says:

    Hi Kathryn, easy to access your post via the unlock button. The food in the photo looks delicious, will give the channel a go. I’m very interested in your ‘Less’ journey and look forward to hearing what you find out about alternative products and habits. All the best, V

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