Episode 91: Easing into 2020

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My Christmas calendar swap

For the 12 Days of Christmas I did a calendar swap with Nicky. Take a look at Nicky’s yarns at Fairly Realm Yarns here.

If you want to enter the giveaway leave a comment on the video (Episode 91) with a way to contact you – Ravelry name, Instagram name or email me with your details at crafternoontreats at gmail dot com.

Mini skein blanket

This is such a pleasure to work on and I’ve been incorporating some of Nicky’s mini skeins. I also want to do another project with them, so I will probably only add two stripes from each of the 12 minis.

One possibility is to make the new pattern by Potter and Bloom. Emma’s Six wives shawl was designed for a main skein and 6 minis, but it could easily be adapted to 12 minis.

Last year I wrote a blog post with a lot of pattern ideas for using mini skeins which are just as relevant now. But if you know of some really good ones published in 2019, let me know in the video comments on YouTube.

English paper piecing/patchwork and hexagons

I started doing a little bit of this during vlogmas and I have made a tiny first project, a coaster with 7 hexagons joined together. I love the effect and want to do much more of this.

I got a book about EPP from my daughter at Christmas and the author, Florence Knapp, has a blog called Flossie Teacakes that I’m just starting to explore.

You can find out more about my chunky hexagon blanket from earlier in my blogging days.

Worsted boxy

This sweater pattern is by Joji Locatelli and is available in her Ravelry Store. Its a very well written pattern and I have had no problems following it or understanding what to do. Its getting big now and I’m almost at the stage of joining the main body at the shoulders. Then its only the neckband and the sleeves to go!

I had to learn how to knit and purl and wrap and turn to shape the shoulders with short rows and I find this video tutorial by Purl Soho the most useful:

I’m making my Worsted Boxy in the Corriepol DK yarn, which is quite plump and is working up at the right gauge – I’m also using 5.5mm needles. So far, I am on skein 5 and I think I am going to need one more skein of Shale to finish.

Less in 2020

You can find out more about my efforts to have less impact on the planet in my previous blog post and the vlogpost from January 12th 2020.

My Etsy shop in January 2020

I’m sort of easing into 2020 with the work for my Etsy shop after being so busy last year. I will have a few more bargains before my first big update at the end of January so look out for posts about that on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

One thing I have updated are the listing for my Never forget your Hook Size stitch markers for crochet. Although, you could use them for knitting as well. Now that I’ve got further with my Boxy sweater, I realise there are times that you have items on holders, so the needles may become separated from the project.

I can now offer all sizes from 1.0mm to 12.0 mm and 20 sizes in between. The ones shown are in the little crystal beads, but the same sizes are available in faux pearls and real semi-precious gemstones.

Thanks for watching and I’ll be back on the channel very soon xxx Kathryn xxx

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