Vlogmas Day 4

Welcome back and enjoy the video for December 4th:

Fundraising for KIVA through vlogmas

As I talked about in detail in Episode 88 of the podcast, I have set up a Ko-fi page to accept $3 donations (the price of a coffee) and I will be donating half to a worthwhile project via www.kiva.org. I will also be donating 10% of my income from Patreon for November, December and January.

Kiva provides loans to people in areas of the world with great poverty so that they can establish or grow their own business and fight their way out of that poverty. I am aiming to fund craft-based business and I will be talking about the projects later in vlogmas.

Donate $3 if you are enjoying vlogmas

Links to stuff I talk about!

My yarn winder and swift are generic and non-branded and were bought from Ebay UK. The swift cost about £15 while the yarn winder was about £20.00. By buying unbranded you get the same product as branded items that are exactly the same but that cost a huge amount more…

My yarn advent minis were purchased from Wild Rose Yarn and Hedgerow Yarns on Etsy.

See you tomorrow!