Episode 87: Birthday girl

Welcome to Episode 87 of the Crafternoon Treats Podcast. You can view the video below:

Podcast notes

Knitting progress, sweater news and helical knitting

I’m knitting the Worsted Boxy sweater by Joji Locatelli – the pattern is available on Ravelry – using my own Corriepol DK yarn. I’ve started with Kingfisher, then used Shale and I’m now alternating Shale and Shadow in single round stripes.

The technique that has me going down rabbit holes is Helical Knitting. There are various ways to do this but, in essence, it involves working your knitting carefully in a spiral to avoid seam-like jogs as you change colour. I added a few links about helical knitting in this post.

Since then, I’ve found a new source of information: Jen Arnall-Culliford who has a great video tutorial on Helical stripes: