Yarndale Preview round up

Yarndale bears Yarndale 2019 previews

It is a week after Yarndale 2019 today. A week that has gone by in a bit of a blur.

Shows are exhausting and I take my hat off to vendors who do many shows each year, sometimes nearly every weekend. Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday were 12 hour days for me, my son and my friend Helen who worked to set up, vend on the stand, and then take down at the end.

We also drove there and back each day (kitties to feed and expenses to save) and while the actual days of Yarndale were fantastic, we were all shattered at the end of it.

Monday was unpacking and sorting, which lasted well into Tuesday and then lots of lovely people placed orders in the Etsy shop as I started to add the listings back, so it was Friday before I thought of recording my Yarndale review podcast. I did film something but it was so excruciatingly bad, I deleted it. I find it difficult to admit defeat but I realised that I needed a complete weekend off, with just some domestic pottering about, lots of sleeping and some crochet and knitting therapy in order to become coherent enough to try again.

And it was bliss. I’ve so missed being able to work away at a project with a decent amount of time to relax.

But I’m recovering now and planning to record the next episode of the podcast today.

As I didn’t do any notes for the Yarndale preview videos, I’m posting them here so that you can look back if you want to. I still have a lot of Etsy work to do, photographing yarn and bags and doing new listings but it should all be done by the end of this week.

If you are a Patreon, don’t forget to use the 10% discount code that is available for the whole of October (multiple uses are fine).

Episode 79: Mini mania

All about the minis I took to Yarndale, the rest of which will be going into my Etsy shop this week. I wrote a blog post a while ago about potential projects that work well with mini skeins.

Episode 80: DK, DK, DK

The range of DK yarns that I dyed for Yarndale include Wensleydale DK and Corriedale DK. I also have the Corriepol DK, which is dyed before spinning and is available in 9 gorgeous colours.

Episode 81: Yarndale Specials!

I did quite a few specials for Yarndale, including the Autumn Leaves colourway, which I will be talking more about in a blog post later this week. I also did several kits, which proved very popular and which the lovely Helen AKA Florahoneypot worked up into fantastic crochet samples. Some kits are left and they will be making their way over to Etsy this week. As will the BAGS made by Handmade by Helen for all those who have been asking 🙂

You can find the link to the one skein shawl project round up here. If you are looking for two and three skein shawls I’ve put them into bundles on the Ravelry group and will be posting more about them on my blog soon.

And finally…

Episode 82: Sock yarns and surprises

I had a lot of sock yarns for Yarndale and a lot of them are now sold but I have added what is left to Etsy already, and more will be coming through in the next few weeks as I dye up some Christmas and winter colour ways.

The surprise was a hamper of goodies which was on my stand at Yarndale. NOTE – I haven’t drawn the winner yet, it will be shown on film in Episode 83 xxx Kathryn

I’m filming today and will see you very soon. The episode will be available 24 hours early on Patreon xxx Kathryn