Yarndale Preview 1: Mini mania (Episode 79)

Hi Everyone

I know I’ve been quiet this last month but there has been so much to do to prepare for the Yarndale show. I’ve planned in enough time to now be able to do some filming and this first installment of the Yarnale preview is all about mini skeins.

I know a lot of you can’t go to Yarndale so its not just about what I’m taking. I’ll be showing the mini sets I’ve done but I’ll also be talking about projects I’ve made and also about patterns that are really good if you love mini skeins!

Here is the link to the blog post I wrote a while ago about projects that are great for advent calendar minis.


Important: my stand has moved

If you are coming to Yarndale please note that my stand has been moved. I’m no longer in aisle L by the wall – I’m opposite Oxfam, just outside the hub. Its not too far from the original location. Its a wee bit dark there but I’ll have lights!!! Lights, camera, action, haha.

My collection of minis for this year’s Yarndale

Sugared almond mini set 5 x 20g sock yarn
Natural dyed mini set with elderberry and avocado 5 x 20g sock yarn
The Dark Side Halloween minis 6 x 20g sock yarn
The Dark Side Halloween minis 6 x 20g sock yarn
The Dark Side Halloween minis 6 x 20g sock yarn
Naturally dyed fade set of 5 x 20g minis on sock yarn – dyed with tea, cherry leaves and birch leaves and twigs

I’ll also have some mixed sets of minis in lighter/spring colours and darker/autumn colours. I don’t have a lot of each set but I am listing a few of the sugared almond sets on Etsy for a special ‘Not going to Yarndale’ Event and I will be having more available towards Christmas.

Look out also for news later in this week’s series of podcasts about my 12 Days of Christmas Mini calendar, which will also be open for preorders during Yarndale weekend.

Colourwork jewels

My stand will also feature a new set of colour work jewels. These are dyed on my woollen spun bases and are ‘sticky’ enough for knitting colourwork. This is the most rustic wool I now have and will be discontinued once this batch has gone. Each Colourwork Jewel has 90 yards/25g and is a two ply fingering weight woollen spun yarn.

A few are in my Fabulous Four base (25% Masham lambswool, 25% BFL, 25% Rommey lambswool and 25% British Alpaca) and the majority are in 80% Shetland lambswool, 20% British Alpaca.

Any that are left after the Yarndale show will be going into my early October update in the Etsy shop.

About the Etsy shop

At the moment I have reduced the listings in the shop to a minimum. I will be relaunching some listings next week for a ‘Not going to Yarndale’ Event with some of the new colourways available. There will only be a couple of skeins of each and depending what happens on the Saturday (28th Sept), I may need to take some to restock so these will then be removed from Etsy until I get more dyed up.

Look out for more videos in my Yarndale preview series and if you are going to Skipton For Yarndale I look forward to my hug!!!

xxx Kathryn xxx