Meander: podcast Episode 77

Meander Episode 77 Crafternoon Treats Crochet Podcast

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Lovely to see you!

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What’s in Meander

The Meander scarf

I’ve named this episode in honour of the gorgeous scarf I’ve just finished and also because its a chatty one! I meander on through various topics… I was so excited to record a chatty episode as the two previous ones were special editions. Episode 75 was the Natural dyeing special and Episode 76 was my Ametsa shawl pattern launch.

The Meander scarf pattern is by Andrea Delhey and is available on Ravelry as a paid pattern. I made it using Eden Cottage Yarns in their Nateby 4 ply base, which is 75% wool, 20% nylon and 5% silver stellina. I chose the Cottage Original colourway and bought it at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in 2018.

Progress on Linden Bee

I had a little bit of a disaster with the border so this is not finished as I expected… The Linden Bee shawl pattern is by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart and is a paid pattern on Ravelry. I made it in two of my own hand-dyed yarns, Ruby and Rosa, which are both on my Sock Noir base.

Linden Bee shawl by Crafternoon Treats in Ruby and Rosa
Linden Bee shawl by Crafternoon Treats in Ruby and Rosa

Another knitted colourwork hat

Last month I went along to Black Sheep Wools and did a day course to learn how to do the continental purl stitch and to get back into knitting colourwork. You can read more about it in a blog post I published last week.

Knitted colourwork hat made from the course at Black Sheep Wools
Knitted colourwork hat made from the course at Black Sheep Wools

Startitis and reclaiming my crojo

As ever once I have finished some projects, I am overtaken by the urge to start some new ones. But starting new things, learning new techniques and finding new sources of inspiration can be a great way to get your crojo back if its gone on holiday.

Tackling Tunisian crochet

The first thing I’ve been doing is not exactly a project, its more of an attempt to learn a new technique – Tunisian crochet. I’ve attempted this before but never really got the hang of it.

I’ve been on a couple of workshops, bought books and looked up video tutorials but nothing has ever made it ‘click’. Until now.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for some new Tunisian tutorials, as they do come out quite often and I hadn’t searched for maybe 18 months. I found an absolutely brilliant one from Toni Lipsey of TLYarncrafts and then fell down a bit of a rabbit hole.

Toni’s Tunisian tutorials are very well done, very clear and so informative. There are quite a few of them too and I’ve put them together in a Playlist on my YouTube Channel, which you can access here starting with this one:

Toni also has some fabulous Tunisian and also classic crochet patterns like these lovely squishy long cardigans. For the latest ones and for news about new ones you can subscribe to her blog and newsletter.

Toni Lipsey Crochet cardigan patterns. Photos published with kind permission from Tony Lipsey
Toni Lipsey’s crochet cardigan patterns

I’ve also found that she started a podcast on her YouTube Channel earlier in the year and its really good. I think there are 6 episodes so far and I’ve only watched episode 1 so far but can’t wait to watch more.

Tunisian giveaway

When I contacted Toni I was delighted that she replied within a day or so and gave me permission to use her photos in the video and in my blog and also offered one of her patterns as a giveaway for the episode. To win a copy of the Bias Tunisian Baby Blanket pattern, have a look through Toni’s patterns and comment on the YouTube video for Episode 77 on my channel and I’ll pick a winner next time leaving your Ravelry or IG name. Or send me an email.

Toni Lipsey Tunisian baby blanket
Toni Lipsey’s Tunisian baby blanket

I also mention Claudia of the Crochet Luna podcast who has also been talking about crochet garments recently but I can’t find which episode I wanted to reference. I think its this one… they are all full of interesting content though so start from here and keep going!

I’m very inspired by Claudia too who has been making some gorgeous crochet garments.

Ziggy Interrupted

I’ve also started a new crochet project – the Ziggy Interrupted wrap by Sandra of Cherry Heart. I’ve chosen some stash yarn to go with three balls of Sirdar Dappled and Scheepjes Merino soft that I bought at Black Sheep Wools when I was there for my hat knitting course. I haven’t got very far yet but I am so enjoying it.

Etsy shop news

I am doing a lot of dyeing in the lead up to Yarndale and my shop is going to be super stocked throughout August and September. I will then close for a week over Yarndale and all my stock will come over to Skipton with me. The more you buy now, the more I will have in the coffers to buy more undyed yarn to dye even more!!!

You can find out more about the naturally dyed yarns I currently have in the shop in another recent blog post. And I also added a page to explain what I mean when I say all of my yarn is ethically produced.

I’ll be writing more blog posts in the next couple of weeks so that you can see all of the new colourways that will be going to Yarndale. See you soon x

Crafternoon Treats Podcast Episode 77
Crafternoon Treats Podcast Episode 77