Another knitted colourwork hat

Another July bites the dust… yes, I know I always say something about how fast time slips through the fingers… But with Yarndale heading my way in less than 2 months, it is on my mind constantly.

But what have I been up to? I have been preparing earlier this time than two years ago so I’m not so stressed about the event itself. But I have had quite a few other things that have cropped up and that I’ve been doing… so that does make me slightly anxious about this timeline.

The month started very well. I’ve been sorting out some well overdue decorating in the house and the decorator I’ve found came for the second time in June. By the end of the month I had completely finished three bedrooms, with curtains hung, furniture revamped as necessary and new accessories. All the walls are now bright white and I treated myself to a very lush (but cheap as chips) IKEA rug in mustard to add a pop of colour to my bedroom.

With my dyeing plans going well, I decided to have a day over at Black Sheep Wools on 5th July and signed up for a colourwork hat knitting class with my lovely friend Juliet Bernard, who does the PR for Stylecraft and KnitPro.

She is such a star!!!! And totally committed to making Instagram and other social spaces safe for all.

It was such an enjoyable class and not only did I make a great looking colourwork hat, I mastered the elusive continental purl stitch.

I didn’t do too badly with the decreases in the crown of the colourwork hat, although they could have been better…

And this is not my first colourwork hat… I also did the Lilletind hat last year but I’d begun to think that was a fluke….

You will notice that I’ve got myself a perfect colourwork hat stand… Actually (ssshhhh) its the old glass lampshade from my bedroom. It was a globe hanging from a very out-of-fashion brass fitting and I’ve replaced it. I was going to freecycle it but just caught myself in time when I realised it was the same size as my head. A perfect colourwork hat blocker or what!!!!

And, quite irrelevantly, I was really pleased with how my nails matched! #shallow or what!!!

xxx Kathryn xxx

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