May sock club reveal

Its that time of the month again! Everyone who pre-ordered it has now had their May sock club and its time to reveal the colourway so that those of you who don’t like surprises can have a chance to snaffle a set.

This month’s colourway is all about the feel good factor and lots of speckles.

The inspiration behind Away with the Faeries (the main 100g skein) and the two minis, Galadriel’s amulet and Elven purple was to create something to give you a bit of magic in your life. Even if the fairy dust and magic speckles are only in some yarn, I hope it will brighten up your crafty life, even just for a little while.

Turning on the news at the moment is horrific. The world, as my mum would have said, is going to POT! Its an old Yorkshire saying and has nothing to do with that sort of ‘pot’ 🙂 It just means that everything is rubbish. Political crises, disagreements, violence, hatred, loss of life, poverty, anger, climate change, job insecurity, financial insecurity… And the list goes on.

Us crafters find solace in our creativity and we seem to be in times where we need that more than ever. And a big does of yarny magic wouldn’t go amiss would it?.

Anyway, I aimed to create a colourway that would uplift and make you smile. Even if you don’t buy any, I hope just looking at the pictures with all those lovely fairy dust speckles adds a bit of positivity to your day.

Some pictures below but I also have a reveal video on YouTube, which is going live at the same time as this blog post:

Nitty gritty details – I have 14 sets left after the pre-orders and these are available on Etsy. You can click any of the buttons below the pics to access my Etsy shop. If you miss out but fancy joining in the sock club, there are still spaces available for a one month subscription for June and for a three month subscription for July, August and September.