Sockalong 2018: Episode 59 notes on crochet socks

Crochet sock clinic the survival sock finished

This Saturday is the official launch of the Sockalong 2018. Although all sock making is welcome in the make-along, the primary focus will be on crocheting socks. Crafternoon Treats is joining with several other podcasters and bloggers and we hope to make this an annual event ūüôā

So if you have never tried socks at all, if you have struggled with knitted socks or even if you are a knitted sock expert, why not try hooking some up this Socktober.

I’ve put the main details about the Sockalong in these notes, so there is quite a lot more detail here and fewer photos than usual. I thought it would be a useful resource for you to come back to as the sock along progresses so you can check up on what’s happening on Instagram, Ravelry and on the blog hop.



Start to 29 minutes

In this first half of the podcast I talk about the Sockalong and go through all of the details in the notes below.

29 minutes to 41 minutes

In the second half, I chat about my own experiences of making crochet socks and offer some advice if you’ve never made successful crochet socks before.

41 minutes to end

An update about Advent calendars, which are now in my Etsy shop and the new sock yarns and sock yarn hook size markers that are currently available for the sockalong.

Download information about the pricing of this year’s Advent calendars here


Sockalong 2018 launch picnic

Sockalong 2018 will start on Saturday 29th September at a picnic lunch outside on the grass at Yarndale. I’ll be there, as will Fay of the Crochet Circle Podcast and Claudia of the Crochet Luna podcast so it will be a lovely meet up.

Everyone is welcome so get yourself some food and a drink and come and join us. We’ll be outside the main front entrance, where the giant mandalas and other yarny decorations are on display.

Is the Sockalong only about crochet socks?

Mostly but not exclusively. Mainly we just want to encourage and enable people to get going with sock making. So if you want to try knitted socks for the first time, go for it. All of the bloggers and podcasters joining in with the Sockalong will be talking and writing about crochet socks but all finished pairs of socks made during the time of the CAL can be posted in the Finished Socks thread.

The CAL is very much about learning from each other too. Its going to be a great opportunity to ask for help, ask questions and generally pick other crocheters’ (and knitters’) brains.

Ravelry chatter about the Sockalong

The chatter thread for this year’s Sockalong is being hosted by¬†Claudia of the Crochet Luna Podcast. If you head over to¬†Ravelry¬†and look in the groups tab for the Crochet Luna Podcast group you will find a dedicated chatter thread: ¬†“Sock It To Me!**SOCK ALONG CHATTER Sept29 – Oct31”.

The thread has been renamed for the Sockalong but its been going for quite a while and has been very busy. It has loads and loads of super useful information about crocheting socks. This is where to delve around for excellent advice and to ask questions and raise problems with your sock projects. Plenty of expertise is on hand to sort you out and get you back on track with your socks,

The Great Sockalong Blog Hop

This is already up and running. The blogs will be weekly on a Saturday in September and October, apart from the launch weekend when there will be one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday.

The first blogger in the hop was Tamara of Crafty Escapism whose blog from 15th September 2018 contains some great tips on making crochet socks.

Fay of the Crochet Circle podcast was up next and published another great post on all of the things to consider when choosing yarn to make your socks.

Still to come are:

  • Sat 29th September: Knit vs Crochet Socks by Caroline of the Mind and Muse blog and podcast
  • Sun 30th September:¬†Sock Anatomy by Deanne of Addydae Designs
  • Sat 6 October: Toe up vs Cuff down Socks by Jo AKA Jojotwinkletoes
  • Sat 13th October:¬†Colour & colour patterns by Marta
  • Sat 20th October:¬†Customising socks by me, which will be published on Crafternoon Treats.
  • Sat 27th October:¬†Crochet Sock Heels are not Scary by Karen

Many thanks to Tamara who has got everyone organised for the blog tour.

Finding crochet sock patterns

You can use any sock pattern you like but if you are new to crochet socks you might like to start by looking at the bundle of patterns that has been set up in the Crochet Luna group on Ravelry. If you look in that group at the bundles tab, you will be able to access crochet sock patterns that have been tried out by more established crochet sock makers.

More patterns will be added into the bundle as the Sockalong gets going. If you tag the designer and pattern when you post your sock photos on instagram and its available on Ravelry, Fay is aiming to add it to the bundle.

My recommended crochet sock patterns

My first crochet socks were the Survival socks by Ellin Stoodley on Ravelry. This is a free pattern that I’ve made successfully several times. Tension is key, however and if you are a tight crocheter, you could struggle to make these fit.

Crochet socks featured 2

I also had a go at making my own version of crochet vanilla socks and the Super Sonic socks are now available as a free pattern on Ravelry.

Super sonic socks on

I can also recommend:

When does the Sockalong 2018 end?

The last entry to the Finished Sock thread in the Crafternoon Treats Ravelry group must be posted before midnight (UK time) on the 31st October 2018.

Are WIPS allowed?

You can use your own discretion here. If you have a pair of crocheted socks that are in the naughty corner, by all means release them from their shaming and ask for help to sort them out.

If you have been working on a great crochet sock pattern that doesn’t seem to be one of those recommended, add them in but also post them in the chatter thread and flag up the pattern so that others can find it.

If you are fantastically skilled sock knitter and have a pair that you just have to finish the second toe; maybe leave that one for another KAL…

Entering your finished socks in the prize draw

We are all busy collecting together prizes for the Sockalong and details will be added to the Finished Socks thread in the Crafternoon Treats Ravelry group.

There are two ways to enter:

  • Post your finished socks (photo and a few notes if you like) to the Finished Socks thread in the Crafternoon Treats Ravelry group.
  • Post a pic of your finished socks on Instagram and tag your post with the hash tag¬†#SockCAL2018FO as well as¬†#SockCAL2018

If you do both, you get two chances to win a prize! You can also double dip with other sock CALS and KALS that are going on and hosted by other podcasters and bloggers, such as the Strictly Sockalong hosted by Ali of Little Drops of Wonderful,

New sock yarns in my Etsy shop

I’ve been busy dyeing my advent calendar minis but I also had chance to dye up some new sock yarns for the Sockalong2018. I’m hoping to try a couple of these out during the CAL. All are on my new sock base, which is 80% Corriedale and Polwarth, which is ethically produced in the Falkland Islands, and 20% nylon. Its spun and superwashed treated here in Yorkshire, just a few miles from where I’m based.

This is Glacial: Click on the photo to see it on Etsy:

Sockalong2018 Glacial sock yarn by Crafternoon Treats


This is Cream tea: Click on the photo to see it on Etsy:

This is Vintage lace: Click on the photo to see it on Etsy:

Never forget your hook size markers for crochet socks

I’ve also put together some new packs of crochet sock markers/stitch keepers for the hook sizes most commonly used for crochet socks.