Episode 58 notes: Cats (and some crochet)

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Timestamps and links

Start to 2.20 Introduction and chat (ie waffle)

2.20 to 3.43 The Skimming Stones shawl

Just mentioning this as its what I’m wearing. Its designed by Joanne Scrace of The Crochet Project and is for sale in the Ravelry store of The Crochet Project. Search Instagram for the hashtag #skimmingstonesMCAL to see all the beautiful shawls made by people who joined in with the mystery crochet along in June and July.

The yarn I used was a combo of alpaca and rose fibre from The Border Mill, my own hand dyed Shetland and alpaca and, the main skein, is a BFL and silk from Natural Born Dyers (its their Bluebottle colourway).

I’ve also written a separate blog post about my experiences with the mystery crochet along organised by The Crochet Project.

3.43 – 5.14 Its Yarndale month!


I’m going for the whole two days of the show and staying close by to Skipton to make a little break of it all. We are having a big podcast meet up on the Saturday at 12.30pm to eat a picnic lunch (bring your own food) and chat and generally hang out. We have no alternative plans if its raining but we’ll play it by ear if that happens. Fingers crossed for dry days that weekend.

Find out more about Yarndale. This year’s charity  project is crochet butterflies so check out Lucy’s blog at Attic24 for all the details.

5.14 – 8.52 The crochet sockalong will launch at Yarndale

This is going to be a bit event in the crochet podcasting world with several different podcasters, bloggers and designers joining in. Each of us will have a chatter thread in our Ravelry group and many of us are releasing crochet sock patterns during the event. The Crafternoon Treats Ravelry group will be hosting the FO thread and there will be plenty of prizes!. The crochet sockalong will start at Yarndale (the last weekend in September and run until the end of October. So that means that there will be a significant crochet input into ‘Socktober’. All very exciting.

I’ll put together a more detailed blog post very soon.

In the meantime you can check out my Super Sonic crochet sock pattern, which is now free on Ravelry.

The giveaway from this episode will be a skein of Head over Heels sock yarn (which I have still not go round to photographing), and there will be two winners. I did forget to announce the winners of the giveaways from Episode 57 so I’ll do that in Episide 59!

8.52 – 16.15 Update on my natural dyeing – elderberry gradients!

I’ve been busy with the elderberries that were kindly collected by my friend Nicola on one of her local dog walks and I’ve been playing with different conditions to create a range of colours and shades. These are all dyed on my Corriedale and Polworth sock yarn (spun and superwash treated in Yorkshire, with 20% nylon added). I’ll be planning some gradient sets for the shop once they are dry and I’ve wound them all up!

16.15 – 23.58 Lisa Cook’s new shawl book and my project

I took part in the blog tour to celebrate the publication of Lisa’s new book (Lisasattik on Ravelry) and you can read more about it in this blog post from a few days ago.

My Honey Cake wrap is coming along nicely and I’m really enjoying it.

Delicious Crochet Shawls Lisa Cook Third segment detail of shawl

23.58 – 35.41 Project bags heading to my Etsy show and a new pair of knitted socks

These bags are made by Nicola of Creative Explorer and we are trialling a few in the Etsy shop this month to see how they go. The first update will be this Thursday at the same time this podcast is released.

The knitting socks: I keep getting back on this particular horse – and still with gritted teeth. But I will NOT be beaten!!

35.41 – 36.52 My Coffee in the mist shawl pattern

This is now available on Ravelry as a pattern for £3.50 as a digital download and in my Etsy shop as a kit. With the kit you get the four balls of naturally coloured Shetland and alpaca plus the pattern for £21.00 plus shipping. If you buy the pack I will email you the digital pattern when I process the order.

Crochet sock love Episode 51 Shawl set natural wools


36.52 – 40.44 Advent calendars are coming to my Etsy shop

Quite a few have now gone as I had emails after mentioning them in the last podcast. I will be adding the listings to Etsy in a few days but if you want to reserve one by email there is still time. Email me at crafternoontreats@gmail.com and let me know which option and which type of shipping you would like. You can read all the details and prices in the document I’ve prepared – just click the button below and you can download the pdf.

Crafternoon Treats Advent Calendars 2018

40.44 to end

All about my new cat Rosie and my worrisome nature!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon xxx Kathryn

One thought on “Episode 58 notes: Cats (and some crochet)

  1. Tracy says:

    Another fantastic episode, Kathryn! How super-sweet is your new kitty Rosie! What a little sweetheart! Our Luna does the head-butt for cuddles too… never enough cuddles… LOL! Do hope Mango and Rosie will become good friends after a while. Poor Rosie, having had babies sooo early, she’ll probably operate on “protective mode” for a while… :/ So exciting seeing the results of your elderberry dyeing experiments… they are simply stunning! I especially love all the grey and purple tones! Your Honey Cake shawl is so beautiful, what an interesting design with the half hexies. And very excited to try your Super Sonic socks for the sock-along soon. I’ve got my yarn already! Most of the summer I’ve continued to learn sock knitting, so I understand how you’re feeling about it. Magic Loop saved socking knitting for me! I just couldn’t get to grips with DPNS, and the small circulars just sometimes seem to small, and then hard to work the guesst with, etc… So do try the Magic Loop, it’s really not hard at all! I’m knitting my first pair of Christmas socks right now with some great self-striping yarn–such fun! VERY exciting your Advent calendar… And your friend Nicola makes wonderful bags–love the fabrics she uses! So much good stuff happening in your corner! Happy Days & Happy Crafting! :)))

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