Podcast 54 – the notes

I’m busy catching up and in addition to the new blog post on using onion skins to dye wool, I’ve now recorded a new podcast reviewing my recent experiments with ecoprinting. I used plants from my garden, some vintage cotton cloths and some sock yarn and had a lovely time. I’ll be writing a more in depth blog post about that in the near future but come and join me now on YouTube to hear all about it and see what I produced…


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I’ve been away from crafting for a few weeks doing a publishing job so I’ve done very little crochet. When I have had chance to pick up a hook I’ve been adding to my Meander scarf (pattern by Andrea Delhey) and it is growing, if very slowly. I’m loving the sparkles in the yarn, which is by Eden Cottage Yarns.

I’m planning to really go through all the projects I have on the go, and list the ones that I want to start, like the Skimming Stones mystery crochet along by Joanne Scrace, which starts on June 20th. I think my alpaca and rose fibre yarn in natural greys will be perfect for that. I need to catch up with the Crafternoon Treats Ravelry group and get to grips with the CALS too!

Another new project I want to plan in is, as yet, a mystery even to me but I know that its got to be something special to use the new sock blank I’ve just bought from Maria of the Ninja Chickens podcast, who sells beautiful ecoprinted stuff in her Etsy shop, also called Ninja Chickens.

I just realised that this project will also be eligible for the make along hosted by Lindsay of the podcast A wooden nest. I’m already planning to do something from the big batch of yarn I dyed for episode 52, so I’m going to be busy! Find out more about the Natural Dye KAL (or MAL as you can crochet too) in this episode:

I had a couple of trips out this month, despite the work and the weather here in Yorkshire has been glorious. I took a short walk in a local nature reserve at Brockadale woods and then, when my daughter visited for the long weekend, we took a drive up to Rievaulx Abbey near Helmsley. It was so peaceful and calming to be in both places. I took quite a few photos too, which I haven’t processed yet but I think I’ll try to give my blog some love this month and share more about both trips.

Brockadale woods walk two

What’s new in my Etsy shop

Visit my Etsy shop to find out what is still available…

As I said in the last podcast, I really want to podcast and blog and run Crafternoon Treats as my main way of earning a living so I’ll keep updating you with what’s new in the shop.

*** Sorry this sold out within minutes*** This week I have quite a bit of naturally dyed yarn available, including those two really wild skeins of sock yarn, which are available at a reduced price. The deal is if you buy them, you agree to make a pair of socks (crocheted or knitted) and send me a good photo of them so that I can share with everyone how they worked up!

Ecoprinting and natural dyed yarns in my Etsy shop Etsy sock yarn ecoprinting wild skein 1 two

Ecoprinting and natural dyed yarns in my Etsy shop Etsy sock yarn ecoprinting wild skein both together

I also ecoprinted two other skeins, just with plants and minus the tea. The two colourways are so delicate and variegated with greens, yellows and greys. These are in the shop now…

Ecoprinting and natural dyed yarns in my Etsy shop Ecoprinted sock yarn cf two skeins 2

Here they are with the other natural dyed sock yarns that are going into the shop today…

Ecoprinting and natural dyed yarns in my Etsy shop All natural dyed sock yarns together
From left to right: Natural dyed with tea; natural dyed with birch leaves; ecoprinted, natural dyed with goldenrod shoots, ecoprinted, wild ecoprinted x 2

I’ve also been using natural dyes on my woollen spun non-superwash bases that I get from my local mill. They produce such soft, muted colours. Here is the Shetland alpaca blend dyed with birch leaves, goldenrod leaves and tea.

Ecoprinting and natural dyed yarns in my Etsy shop Shetland alpaca birch leavesEcoprinting and natural dyed yarns in my Etsy shop Shetland alpaca with goldenrod shootsEcoprinting and natural dyed yarns in my Etsy shop Shetland alpaca dyed with tea

I’ve also been hoarding some of the Fabulous Four base that I dyed last year with goldenrod flowers so I’ve popped a couple of skeins into the shop as they make a good selection with the newly dyed skeins.

Ecoprinting and natural dyed yarns in my Etsy shop Etsy Fab four light goldenrod flower 2

Thank you so much for visiting with me on my blog, in the podcast and in my Etsy shop. The more successful the shop is, the more I can make Crafternoon Treats my full-time occupation and bring you lots of lovely crafty videos, vlogs, blogs and podcasts xxx





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  1. Tracy says:

    Great to see you back here, Kathryn! LOVELY eco-dyeing…so exciting to see this directions your yarn is taking you! Looking forward to more!–the colors are just amazing! Very fun to have a wander around the great outdoors with you too. I’ve been wanting to have a play with eco-printing on cloth having see a friend do some… now I’m ever more inspired–thank you! :)))

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