Want it, NEED it: Episode 49 notes

Hello Everyone and welcome to Episode 49 of the Crafternoon Treats Crochet and Yarn podcast. Here is the link to Episode 49: Want it, NEED it!!

In this episode:

The first 7 and-a-half minutes: intro and my office reorganisation

Probably as a reaction against the chaos of the kitchen renovation, I’ve tried to organise my office and make myself more efficient. I spent a lot of time last Sunday sorting through things and tidying…

7 and-a-half minutes to 15 and-a-half minutes: Update on the Stylecraft meetup

Last weekend I went over to Huddersfield for the biannual Stylecraft bloggers meet up. It was great to be in the company of many illustrious bloggers!

Not only did we get to meet up on the Friday evening and have dinner together and catch up, we also had most of the Saturday at the Stylecraft mill meeting and squishing lots of lovely new yarn.

I can’t talk about this one much yet, not until 5th March.

We also had our group photo done at the mill…


Find out more about the other Stylecraft bloggers here.

15.5 minutes to 23 minutes: Environmental musings

I’ve been thinking about my own impact on the environment recently, but its not that straightforward to know whether you are doing the right thing or not… and that applies to using yarns as much as it does to planning a new kitchen!

23 minutes to 28.37 minutes: Dorset buttons

In the afternoon of our Stylecraft get-together, Juliet Barnard treated us to a short workshop on how to make Dorset buttons. Mine was a bit wonky but they are really easy to do and I definitely want to make more. Particularly to save Dorset button making from becoming an extinct craft!

Dorset buttons and more about them:
Perfect Dorset button made by Sandra of Cherry Heart – isn’t her scissor keeper lovely?

28.38 to 41.24 minutes: MIPS

I’ve called them MIPS as I was inspired by the first podcast of the year by Joanna of the Stitching the High Notes podcast.

Not many, I have to be honest. But here are the new patterns that came out this week that I LOVE!!!

I just couldn’t resist starting this last one, I thought it was gorgeous. I’ve only just started and you can see my progress in th video title 🙂

41.24 minutes to 50.53 minutes: Two charity projects

The first has been set up by my friend Helen Kurtz, who is one of the other Stylecraft blogstars.

Her JustGiving page is now live and her blog shows all the lovely prizes. Please do think about donating £2 to enter. Its very good odds as there are so many prizes (much better than a lottery!) and your donation will benefit research into heart problems as its going to go to the British Heart Foundation.

Here is that link to ENTER THE RAFFLE!!!!

The second charity project is a local one to me. The craft group at Ackworth is raising money for the Yorkshire air ambulance and they are holding events around the visit to Yorkshire by the Tour de France cycle race in May. They want as many bunting triangles made in turquoise or yellow that they can get. If you want to do some, please post them to:

Kyla, c/o The Parish Council, Community Centre, Bell Lane, Ackworth, Pontefract, WF7 7JH

The deadline for triangles is April 20th. Any size or weight yarn. They are suggesting these patterns but any will do. The Ackworth part of the event is on 4th May but it takes place all weekend.

Links to patterns are below

Knitting. http://blog.hobbycraft.co.uk/knit-your-own-bunting/

Crochet. http://www.pink-milk.co.uk/2012/01/simple-crochet-bunting-tutorial.html?m=1

50.53 minutes to 1 minute 05: Crafternoon Treats CALs/KALs 2018

After consulting with the Ravelry group and getting quite a few responses, I’ve thought about new CALs/KALs and for this year these will be:
  • Stick your neck out: neckwear but with a personal challenge. Starts anytime in Feb 18 and finishes Tuesday 3 April 2018
  • Bagalong: Starts 3rd April and runs to the end of June
  • Jumper-along: Starts 3rd April and runs to the end of August
  • Summer crochet flower CAL: Runs July and August
  • Finishalong: Runs July and August
  • Sockalong (starts Sept but date to be announced). A joint CAL with other podcasts! All about crochet socks.

1 minute 05 to end

Some brief Etsy shop news and when to expect more Kitchen hellmas vlogs!
Thanks for watching and I will see you soon xxx










5 thoughts on “Want it, NEED it: Episode 49 notes

  1. Tracy says:

    Hi, Kathryn! I had listened to the podcast yesterday, and left a comment here via my iPad, but my comment doesn’t seem to have “taken,” so I’ll try again…LOL… Tech mysteries!! Wonderful show, as always, and great variety of topics you shared. I didn’t know about the Dorset Buttons, so glad to learn about that, and would like to try that. Would that qualify as part of a CAL/KAL??!! Maybe Dorset Buttons for the centers of the summer flowers?! Very excited about the CAL/KAL starting now until Easter. I also really appreciated your mention of eco-crafting, as that is a topic very close to my heart, and trying to make more conscious choices in my daily life, as well as my crafting life. And thank you for the occasional shout-out about different charities to craft for. Perhaps at the CT Rav group we could have a page listing various yarn charities to get involved in. Charity crafting is a great side project, and often a great de-stash’er too! Thanks for all the inspiration! 🙂

  2. Tracy says:

    Hi, Kathryn! Glad to see you surfacing here mid-reno! 🙂 Poor Mango… our cats don’t lke being bunged up pr doors closed, rooms off limits, etc… LOL! LOVE your nee shawl in progress, and reallt like your3-color approach–it’s going to be beautiful! Very much appreciate you brining up the topic of eco-crafting. This is something close to my heart too, as I’ve been focusing in livinf a more eco-happy life in recent years, including my crafting and creating. Ironically, at rhe moment I have two large projects on thr go using acrylic yarn–a knit jacket/cardi and a blanket. But very much weeding out yarns or other craft supplies that are not eco-friendly. Like much else in life, the eco bit is a work in progress too. I really like when you tell us about different yarn-y goodness for charity. Charity crafting is such a wondeful thing! Could we, or maybe there is already, a charity thread/page at our Crafternoon Treats Ravelry group? Your ideas for the CALs this year are great! Looking forward to the new one now to start this month, and really look forward to the crochet sock CAL in the autumn, as crocket socks I’ve been wanting to try! Be taking good care there… looking forward to seeing your lovely new kitchen soon! :)))

  3. Sandra says:

    Exciting things to come! Please could you give the links to the other Stylecraft Bloggers, it would be nice to see what they are all up to. Thank you.

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