Its snowing purple rain: Podcast Episode 47

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Hello Everyone and welcome to Episode 47 of the Crafternoon Treats Crochet and Yarn podcast. Here is the link to Episode 47: Its snowing purple rain – enjoy!

In this episode I’ll be covering the following topics:

Knitting a colourwork hat in Purple rain and cream

I’ve started the New Year with a bit of a challenge. I’ve never knitted a hat before, I’ve never done colourwork in knitting and I’ve never used a knitting chart. But I’ve not failed with this particular set of hurdles and the feeling of achievement I’ve had has been exhilarating.

Snowing purple rain episode 47 blog

I chose one of my own colourways to knit the hat – a deep tonal purple that I called Purple rain after a poll on Instagram and Facebook. Loads of people suggested it – after the Prince song. I combined this lush Purple rain with the natural cream. Both yarns are my 85% Romney lambswool, 10% alpaca, 5% BFL base in the fingering weight. Its perfect for colourwork knitting as its a woolly wool but blocks really nicely and softens up with each washing. Its also hardwearing and less likely to pill than a supersoft wool.

When I’ve got stuck I’ve turned to my lovely community of fellow knitters (I feel a bit emotional as I write that as I now feel I am actually a knitter!). People are so kind and supportive and helpful and when I got stuck on the chart re  the decreases for the crown, the lovely Kelly from the Celtic Caston podcast sent me my own private video tutorial! Amazing.

I talk about the challenge, what I’ve learnt and show a bit about how I do two handed knitting and how I keep track of where I am in the knitting and with the chart. And there is a bit of a BIG REVEAL!!!

To buy Emilie’s lovely Lilletind hat pattern, go to her Ravelry store here.

Snowing purple rain lilletind hat

If you fancy doing a colourwork hat in DK that is a bit easier, look up this new one by my friend Phil…

Snowing purple rain episode 47 Game on hat

Phil of The Twisted Yarn has just published her Game on hat and you can buy it here

Circular knitting needle organisation

I just had to get to grips with a system for my growing collection of circular knitting needles. Too many times I’ve wasted precious hours trying to find the needle I want, only for it to be in the last packet I’ve unearthed. No more!

I now have a very simple file system and describe it in detail. You can also find out more in the blog post I wrote the other day.

I’ve put this section at the end of the podcast – after I say my goodbyes for the episode so if this doesn’t appeal or apply to you, you can miss it out x

What, no crochet???

Well, yes, this episode is a bit knitting related and I haven’t even mentioned the Blueberry Waffle (NOT) sock that hasn’t made it out of my project bag in the last two weeks… I’ll save that for next time.

The ponchoalong and my new poncho

I’ve been working on my new Blue Ocean poncho and I update you on progress and show you how I’ve been doing with the Stylecraft Batik swirl yarn. I review how I’ve felt about using the yarn – good points and bad – and do a price comparison of the difference in cost between making the poncho in Batik/Batik elements and in the Batik Swirl.

Snowing purple rain Episode 47 poncho pic 1 blog

Liz’s finished baby blanket

This gorgeous blanket was made in Stylecraft Batik and Batik elements – silver, cream, lupin, mercury, platinum and bismuth. I’ll be preparing this pattern for release soon.

Carole’s lovely virus shawl

Carole made her 2-skein virus shawl in Stylecraft Head over Heels in Etna. The colour changes are really amazing and Carole (who says she isn’t a crocheter) has done a brilliant job.

Snowing purple rain IG and FB podcast

Elaine’s gorgeous improvised C2C shawl

Elaine made a 2-skein C2C shawl of her own design in Stylecraft Head over Heels in Ingelborough. I love the way the colours have pooled and this shawl is definitely me!

Big shout out for the Crochet Circle podcast

I’ve finally been catching up with previous episodes of the Crochet Circle Podcast and its become one of my favourite podcasts. I’m meeting up with Fay this weekend and really looking forward to catching up in person.

Here is a link to her latest episode – go check it out, I can highly recommend it.


A new cowl project

Together with the new socks and the hat project I’ve succumbed to a bit of startitis in 2018 and I’ve joined in with the #oneskeinwonderlandCAL currently going on with Fay at the Crochet Circle Podcast. I thought the hook on had to be on Christmas Eve, but its fine to start anytime in January. You just have to finish by January 31st to be able to enter your creation in the prize thread. I’ve donated some prizes and am meeting up with Fay at a course we are both doing at Black Sheep Wools this month. I’ll talk about that more in the next episode.

Snowing purple rain Podcast 47 Colour pool cowl blog

What’s happening in the next few weeks

I will be getting back to dyeing so look out for updates in the Etsy shop. I also plan to film and release another podcast this month before the big kitchen renovation begins at the end of January. I’m not sure what I will manage to achieve in February but I will take some footage to show you when its all done.

The next Stylecraft meet up is also at the beginning of February so even if I haven’t had much crafting time because of the kitchen, I’ll have some pretty yarns to show you!

Giveaways for this episode

I’ve been very kindly given quite a few patterns to giveaway to podcast watchers in this episode. To enter go to the podcast on YouTube and leave a comment with your Ravelry name. Winners will be announced in the next podcast and will receive their complimentary pattern from the designer via Ravelry.

  • One free Lilletind colourwork hat pattern by Arctic Knitting
  • One free Nordic star socks – a pattern for traditional Norwegian socks by Arctic Knitting
  • One free colourwork Game Over hat pattern by the talented Phil of The Twisted Yarn
  • One free Dragonfly meets Butterfly shawl pattern by Alicia Baines

Snowing purple rain Dragonfly meets butterfly blog

I’ll be back soon so take care and enjoy the rest of January xxx








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