Serendipity rules OK – Podcast Episode 45

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Hello again and welcome to Serendipity rules OK; Episode 45 of the Crafternoon Treats crochet podcast. This is a sort of time lapse episode as I recorded some of it last week and the latter part this week. I’m just recording when I can when the day is bright enough!

About serendipity…

In this episode I talk about my lovely new yarn pegs and you can read more about them here and here. I also did a very quick tutorial on how to wind yarn pegs and you can find that here.

When I was experimenting with a good way of storing and accessing the pegs, my recent charity find of a lovely wooden tray came to mind. Its perfect – hence the episode title. I love serendipity!

Winding yarn pegs in square box close up side view square#crafternoontreats

Confusion over UK and US crochet terms

Quite a lot of people who watch my podcast comment that they like the informational elements that I often do so this episode I have a section on the difference between UK and US crochet terms. I’ve been struck at how sensible both sets of terminology are and how they are, internally at least, completely logical. I explain more about that and touch a bit on the history of crochet. I think this is a fascinating topic and I may well go into it in more detail in 2018.

What have I been up to in terms of projects?

My hooks and needles have been a bit idle for the last couple of weeks as I’ve had a domestic project to concentrated on – I talk more about that at the end of the episode. But I do have a quick update about the poncho I’m making for the ponchoalong, which runs until February 14th.

Ponchoalong second poncho colour playing with yarn pegs

If you want to buy the pattern on Ravelry, use the code Ponchoalong25 to get 25% off – and that’s valid for the entire period of the poncho along.

I’ve had a bit of a knitted sock disaster with my toe-up socks but I’m planning to cast on a new pair, the Blueberry waffle socks using some new sock yarn that I’ve dyed. I’ve called the colourway  Blueberry Bites Back and 19 skeins are available in my Etsy shop, with the option of buying a sock mini in a contrasting colour. Click on the photos below to find out more in the Etsy shop.

Blueberry bites back 2 Serendipity post sock yarn

Sock yarn minis all three Serendipity post sock yarn

To make the socks I’m going to use the Addi Sockenwunder needle, which has one needle longer than the other, so that will be… interesting!

I also have some news about January at the end and I’ll see you again just after the New Year xxx Kathryn






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