My favourite Christmas crochet bauble patterns

Christmas crochet bauble pattern featured

I’ve been on the look out for some Christmas crochet bauble patterns so that I can add some home-made creations to my collection of vintage decs. I am not planning to put the tree up any time soon – the 10th of December is early enough for me – but this is a snippet from last year with my favourite little glass bird decoration, who is older than me…

Christmas decorations for christmas crochet bauble pattern post

I must admit that I had a few happy hours over the last few days looking for patterns that are freely available on the internet. I narrowed the list down to try some and what follows is a round-up of the ones I liked best. I haven’t made them all yet as I’ve concentrated on covering some baubles I got from a local charity shop but its good to have them stored for future reference.

Christmas crochet bauble patterns for covering old baubles

AnnieDcrochet’s pattern on Ravelry

First on my list are the gorgeous and colourful crochet baubles that you make in two halves and fit around a plastic bauble. Brilliant! Baubles are pretty easy to pick up for pennies in charity shops at this time of year, or maybe you have some in the decoration box in the attic that have seen better days. Covering them up gives them a new lease of life and you don’t have to worry about stuffing or devising a way to hang them. The hanging whats-it on the bauble you are covering up does that for you.

This crochet bauble pattern is free and is available as a Ravelry download. AnnieDCrochet is AKA Carmen Heffernan. Click this link or the screenshot below:

Carmen Heffernan crochet bauble pattern

This is the first bauble I made using this pattern and I was very pleased at how easy it was.

Carmen Heffernan crochet bauble pattern my bauble


Free and paid patterns are on quite a few blogs

Handmade and Home has a very nice tutorial here. The overlay snow baubles by Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World are also lovely and are a great way to learn overlay crochet techniques. This paid pattern is available on Etsy. The late blogger Wink also features a crochet bauble pattern in her book Boho crochet so if you have that in your collection, its time to dig it out.

Boho crochet christmas crochet bauble pattern


Once you’ve made a few, you will probably be like me and what to try out your own little design. To be honest, there is not much difference between all of these patterns but I decided to try out the start of my Blandala blanket pattern to cover a particularly large bauble and it was really easy.

Crafternoon Christmas baubles; free pattern and tutorial coming soon

To make them fit different sized baubles, simply add more or fewer rounds to the halves before working the final two rounds of UK dc (US sc) stitches that give the halves of the bauble covers a cup-like shape. If this sounds like gobble-de-gook, check out the full tutorial that will be coming to my blog very soon. In the meantime, here is a sneaky peak at how it turned out.

Crafternoon Christmas crochet bauble pattern

Attic24 Christmas baubles

Lucy did the free pattern for these quite a while ago now but the instructions and full tutorial are still available over on her blog. The star baubles are lovely and, again, so easy to make. The two halves are stuffed to form puffed discs, beads can be used in the hanging thread, and then the two halves are sewn together before adding the star border. You can find the tutorial for the star border on Lucy’s blog here. Or click the picture below, added with permission. This post links back to the main tutorial for the bauble.

Attic24 Christmas crochet bauble pattern

Plain crochet sphere baubles

I came across this pattern and really loved the way the blogger behind Ms Premise-Conclusion had worked out the maths of making a crochet sphere! She then put together a free pattern for spheres of different sizes and in two size ranges.

They take a bit of practice (and counting!) and then you need to stuff them really firmly to good sphere. You also have to add a hanging thread but once you get the hang of them, you can really have fun using different yarns (sparkly yarn would look great!) in loads of colours. These are still a work in progress for me as the stuffing is needing a bit of practice…

Colour coordinating your crochet Christmas baubles

A lot of the bloggers who have patterns or tutorials about these tend to use crochet cottons, which is fine if you have some in your stash. I decided to use my very enormous stash of Stylecraft Special DK instead but as this is a softer yarn, I went right down to a 3mm hook so that the texture of the crochet fabric was tighter.

I also spent quite a bit of time planning the colour schemes I might use. This, of course, involved quite a lot more faffing and I’ll tell you more about what I decided to do in another post…

Christmas crochet bauble pattern colour planning

No time to crochet your own baubles?

Although all these Christmas crochet bauble patterns are relatively easy if you are into crochet, they do take quite a bit of time. If you don’t crochet or find this sort of project too fiddly and time consuming, take a look on Etsy. Heather of The Patchwork Heart has several sets available and they are beautifully made and look fantastic.

Patchwork Heart Christmas crochet bauble pattern post ready made baubles






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