Granny square day 2017

Granny square day 2017 my square

We all love a crocheted granny square… but did you know that August 15th 2017 is Granny Square Day! This is a virtual celebration organised on Instagram by Susan (@suregal27) and Sandra (@mobiusgirl) and this is the fourth year that they have put in this enormous effort.

So what’s granny square day about?

It all happens on Instagram and granny square day 2017 is today, Tuesday 15th August. To participate all you need to do is to make a granny square (or use one you have already made for something else). Take a photo of it and crop so that it fits the square instagram screen completely.

Posting with the hast tags #grannysquareday and #grannysquareday2017 helps Sandra find all the squares. The day after granny square day, she collects them together and makes many virtual blankets by combining the squares digitally. These fabulous images are completely free to use and do whatever you like with! Amazing.

My square for granny square day 2017

I think in other years the rules have been stricter, and you needed to make a four round granny square but there was no mention of this in 2017. I like that size of square though, so that’s what I decided to go with.

Granny square day 2017 my square

I’ve been playing around with the new Stylecraft yarns that we got in our goodie bag in July. As well as the three new colours of Special DK, we also got some of the tweedy and some new Stylecraft Life and Stylecraft Life Vintage colours. These last two haven’t been launched yet so although I’ve been playing with them, I’m not showing them yet.

Round 1 of my square is Life Vintage in the Indigo colourway. I love the gentle variations in colour that it gives and it reminds me a lot of handspun yarn with its barber pole plied look. Round 2 is Special DK in Fuchsia and Round 3 is Tweedy DK in the Bracken colourway. The colour changes in this are really exciting… Finally, I chose Stylecraft Life in Claret.

I’ve no idea what I’m going to do with this little square, other than admire it. Maybe I’ll use it as a coaster – I just enjoyed making it for granny square day!

Stylecraft Blogstars’ virtual granny square blanket

Not all of the blogstars took part in granny square day but Sophie, who does all the social media in the office put together all of our squares and made a mini virtual blanket. My square is middle right with the square by Lucy of Attic24 above it and the one by Helen (@josiekitten) to the left of it. Top middle is Emma Varnam’s square, with Heather’s (The Patchwork Heart) bottom left. Sarah’s (Annaboos House) is middle left, Angela’s (Get Knotted Yarn Craft) is middle bottom and top left is by Michelle and Anne of Crochet Between Worlds.

Stylecraft blogstars virtual granny square day 2017 blanket

If you want to see more of the granny squares just look on Instagram and search using either of the hast tags: #grannysquareday or #grannysquareday2017 Such a great, feel-good community project 🙂

xxx Kathryn





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