Podcast Episode 38 is live! Let’s catch up!

Crafternoon Treats Podcast Episode 38

Everything has gone pretty well with the editing process for this podcast episode! Grab a cuppa and your latest project and let’s have a natter!

Notes for the Crafternoon Treats Podcast Episode 38

I’ve done some timestamps this time so you can find your way around if you want to watch things at your own pace. Is this any use? Do let me know in the comments 🙂

0.19 Intro and a quick round up of what I’ve been doing

Its been ages since I last podcasted due to getting food poisoning and then going away. Getting back into a routine now and its good to be able to catch up. This podcast episode is a bit all over the place… but that’s just the nature of things sometimes.

2.48 Update on my projects

As you will know if you’ve been reading my blog, I finished the Majura shawl, complete with the beaded border and I’m wearing it throughout the podcast. I made this with the Falkland Island merino, which I’ve called my South Atlantic fingering, dyed in the Quiet voice colourway. This is a very soft and snuggly yarn, perfect for neckwear and I teamed it with the most rustic Teeswater tonal in Mulberry. This is a rare breed British wool and it compliments the Quiet voice really well. Because its the border, the prickliness of the yarn doesn’t matter; its nowhere near my skin. The lustre of the yarn is amazing and I loved putting the beads into the border.

The Majura shawl is by Deanne of Addydae Designs.

Majura shawl tadah!

I’ve made some progress with my knitted toe-up sock that I’m making with the Craftsy class by Susan B Anderson. That link goes back to her blog and if you check out the side bar, you can click through to get 50% off the class. I’m now ready to add the waste yarn for the afterthought heel.

I’ve also started a new shawl – The Flame Shawl by Annelies Baes, which was in issue 89 of Inside Crochet magazine. I haven’t taken a proper photo of it yet – but it features in the shot I did of the baskets in my basket kit, which is coming to the Etsy shop soon…

Crochet basket kit project photo

I’m making it in the laceweight singles in my new Fabulous Four base and its in the Stained Glass Colourway. This is a subdued rainbow colourway and different batches will vary considerably because of the dye technique used. It looks really delicate when its worked up, quite different to how it appears in the skein and the cake.

Fabulous Four skinny singles laceweight stained glass window

15.09 I’m having a bit of a Bl-august

You can look at the Blog tab above and read the other posts that I’ve written this month. One every day of August, so far. Its been fun but I might run out of things to say before the 31st… we’ll see!

One thing that Blaugust has meant for the notes for this podcast episode is that there are plenty of links back to blog posts to find out more!

18.09 Visit to the Hockney exhibition at Salts Mill in Saltaire

Read the full blog post here

Hockney gallery salts mill arrival of spring

In this section of podcast episode 38 I also talk a bit about the Stylecraft blogstars meeting and some of the other blogstars. To read more about all of them, Stylecraft have a special section of their website with all of the blogstar profiles.

28.46 Update on some of the new Stylecraft yarns

The main new ones are the three new colours in Stylecraft Special DK and you can read more in the blog post all about them…

Stylecraft Special DK new colours Lincoln, Lapis, Blush
Stylecraft Special DK new colours Lincoln, Lapis, Blush

I also show four new shades in Stylecraft Batik, which are absolutely lush.

40.07 Fibre East

I’ve also written about this in detail on my blog here. On reflection, now that I’ve thought through the whole experience, I don’t think this is a fair I would go to again. Its a three and a half hour drive and staying away is expensive – it certainly didn’t measure up, in my opinion, to Yarndale or Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

What I did enjoy about it was meeting all of the lovely people who came to say hello. Thank you so much if you did. That was the absolute best part and I am really looking forward to Yarndale in September as the atmosphere there is so fantastic and it will be a blast! That is one fair that is well worth the entry fee and, I hope, will be well worth the exhibitor’s fee too!

51.36 More prizes for the 5000 subscriber celebration

I’ve four new prizes to share to add to the collection I already have and I’m already wondering if this might happen before the next podcast! Or will it be for Episode 40? Now that would be a great milestone.

58.31 Etsy shop update

This little section at the end tells you more about the Fabulous Four base in the fingering weight which launched in my Etsy shop on August 10th.

Etsy update August 10 2017 Preen

I’ve had a great response to it and to say thank you to everyone who supports me and my blog, podcast and Etsy shop, there is a discount code to look out for that will be live on 12th August at 5am UK time! It will last until August 20th.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time (and hopefully for another Blaugust post tomorrow 🙂 Kathryn xxxx









3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 38 is live! Let’s catch up!

  1. Claire Holmes says:

    Hello Kathryn. I have just finished watching your latest Podcast ( episode 38) which I very much enjoyed. I like the variety of content in your podcasts and am always interested to hear about your exploits with the other Stylecraft podcasters and your own beautiful products. Your yarn colours are beautiful and I find the descriptions you give of the bases and how they are spun quite fascinating. I was also very interested to hear your comments on independent dyers and yarn festivals. Two weeks ago I went to Yarnfolk which is the first fibre festival I have come across in Northern Ireland where I live, and most of the exhibitors were small producers from the island of Ireland with stalls of beautiful yarns and colours as well as other crafty accessories!
    Anyway, the reason I am writing this is to enquire about one of the shawls I saw on the podcast. , I noticed that the model behind you was draped in a very pretty shawl in variegated wool separated from a grey border with eyelets (I think). Can you tell me what is the name of the pattern for that shawl and is it crocheted or knitted? Your Majura shawl is beautiful too – in fact all the shawls I have seen on your podcasts (afraid I haven’t watched all the episodes – I have quite a bit of catching up to do!) have been lovely. Please keep up the good work. x

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Claire Thanks for all your lovely comments. Its great to know that you enjoy the podcasts and it really encourages me to carry on making them. The shawl behind me in this episode was knitted by my friend Nicola using two skeins of my yarn and its the Joji Locatelli design Girl from the Grocery Store. Its an easy knit but it is big and takes a while if you are a slow knitter (like I am 🙂 xxxxxx Kathryn

      • Claire says:

        Thank you so much for your reply Kathryn and for the information. I have seen that pattern but did not recognise it in your podcast- amazing how a different yarn choice can totally transform a pattern. I really liked the colours used and the textures they produced. I’m a rather slow knitter myself – and prone to making mistakes. I’m currently knitting a shawl by Carol Feller specially designed for the Yarnfolk festival that I attended two weeks ago. I thought it was going really well and then, last night, discovered that I have been knitting it on the wrong sized needles (tension is one of my difficulties) and it is going to be too small. I thought the yarn was lasting rather a long time and that ought to have made alarm bells ring! Oh dear! I will have to rip it all out and start again! So, to console myself, I cat on and started knitting the scarf pattern on the back of a Sirdar Colourwheel cake. Nice easy pattern – 4 row repeat – what could go wrong? Discovered at 11.30pm that I had made a mistake about 6 pattern repeats earlier and had to rip it out …… well, you can guess the rest. Good thing I love knitting and have a dose of perfectionism that make me go back and correct the mistakes. Please keep on with your excellent podcasts and blog – both of which I very much enjoy.

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