What’s in the Etsy update Thursday August 3rd?

tsy shop update August 3

I’m quite taken with the idea of Blaugust – blogging every day in August but I bet I’ve jinxed that now haven’t I? I’ve already got a few new posts planned out but I thought it might be useful to put up a post each Thursday with some information about what’s in the Etsy shop update.

This goes live at 7pm UK time every Thursday, unless something very unusual happens. If so, I’ll make sure to post on Instagram and Facebook to let you know.

This Thursday I’m only having a small update as I’m still getting organised after my weekend away. The main star will be the new colourways I have on laceweight yarn, which I must admit, I’m really falling in love with.

Laceweight bases: the Fabulous Four skinny singles

I haven’t launched any of the fingering weight Fabulous Four colourways on Etsy yet but I will be adding them during early August and posting them on social media. I need to take some really nice photos of them and I thought it would be better to take my time.

Instead, today will be the day for the Fab Four laceweight singles. This is the first time I’ve dyed singles and they are lush… Each skein has 700 yards of laceweight yarn that is a single – it is as its been spun and has not been plied together.

This is Rubecula, the little Robin colourway that I dyed a few months ago on my woollen spun fingering base…

Fabulous Four skinny singles laceweight Rubecula

The Stained Glass Window that was in the Etsy shop briefly last month, and sold out, has nearly gone again but I have one skein left…

Fabulous Four skinny singles laceweight stained glass window

This colourway is Preen, as its all the colours in a displaying peacock’s tail…

Fabulous Four skinny singles laceweight Preen

And finally, Forbidden fruit, which I will also have available in the Fab Four fingering base and possibly the Falkland merino base too…

Fabulous Four skinny singles laceweight Preen

Falkland laceweight 2ply

When my friend Helen came to stay with dyed up the lovely colourway Florahoneypot and I have a few skeins left of the second batch I did after her visit.

Florahoneypot on Falkland merino laceweight

I also have a sister colourway; Go with the Flo. Its exactly the same colours but more of the cream of the yarn is left gleaming…

Go with the Flo

The final Falkland merino laceweight colourway is French lavender, which is lovely and delicate…

French lavender

Stitch marker bracelets

The last addition for today are some of the stitch marker bracelets. You can either choose your own six stitch markers to go with the bracelet or let me choose a selection for you…

Stitch marker bracelet

That’s all for this Thursday. Next week will feature the crochet basket kits, which I’ll tell you more about tomorrow. I’ll also be adding some of the Fabulous Four fingering colourways during the next few days, plus some more lovely vintage crochet doilies.

xxx Kathryn

Vintage crochet doilies coming soon


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      I have a pot of goldenrod bubbling as I write this! I did some natural dyeing last year with plants from my garden and they are all about to come around again so I’m going to do more this year. The Elderberry is lush! xxx

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