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knitting on beach finishalong

Hello again! I’m just adding an update to mark the start of the finishalong! I talked about this in Episode 33 of the podcast and my idea is for us all to support each other to finish off some of those projects that have been in progress for quite a long time. Some of mine have been on the go for over 2 years! I would love to start using them and get them off the WIP list so I hope you will join me for a fun 6-ish weeks to get those WIPS sorted…

As a blogger and podcaster I feel I have to keep new projects coming along but I also suffer from severe startitis. Starting a new project is easy. You see a pattern, or have an idea, or buy a beautiful yarn and off you go! The first few rows are bliss but then, what happens. Sometimes a project doesn’t turn out to be as interesting as you thought. Or perhaps its just too hard to get your head around. Or some other things get in the way and take priority.

The result is the same. Lots of boxes or bags or baskets, full of half finished projects. I find that the longer a project is left, the harder it becomes to get it going again. But many of the things I have started I really like and would love to finish.

The idea of the finishalong is to have six weeks of concerted effort between June 1 2017 and July 15th 2017 to really get going on some of those long-standing projects and to get them done.

You can choose to join in and do your own thing and either post in the Ravelry group, or just enjoy the finishalong in solitude. There are few rules but there will be some prizes! I have started a chatter thread for the finishalong in the Ravelry group so that you can post about projects you are going to try and crack. Or projects that you wonder whether you should continue with and want a second opinion. A second thread is for the finished projects that you do achieve throughout the six weeks – and this is a no chatter thread as it from here that I will pick out the posts that will win the lovely prizes.

I’ll be talking about these more in Episode 35 and 36 of the podcast 🙂

In the week or two before this first finishalong date, I tried out my idea of how this might work and I chose three projects to work on between podcasts. Two of those projects I aimed just to make progress on. I picked out one to try and finish. And it was really quite successful. Just by focusing on three projects, my motivation to get going was really boosted. I managed to finish my scrappy mandala (almost too finished!) and I restarted by continental knit sock and the seascape ripple blanket.

Garden room beach hut roses

Finishalong crafternoon ripple blanket

This last week has been a bit slower as I’ve been taking a bit of time out to spend with my daughter whose been up from London for a few days. But I’ve managed to get to the border of the ripple blanket and I had fun knitting on the sock on the beach at Scarborough on one of our little day trips. Such great weather we’ve had, it would have been a shame not to take advantage of it.

knitting on beach finishalong

Today was the day that the lovely company came to install my summerhouse… and very efficient and quick they were too. Just 3 hours and the entire job was one. We spend the afternoon settling in and having some crafternoon time with Lady Grey Tea, sunshine and crochet (well, me anyway)… Its still to be decorated and made into a true ‘sheshed’ but it was great to be able to relax in it for the first time.

 finishalong ripple in summerhouse

So far I’ve not managed to get to the Hygge wrap but I will keep in in my focus to get some progress made before I see you next

Finishalong crafternoon hygge shawl

Kathryn xxx

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  1. Jane says:

    We are looking into getting a summerhouse, to use for craft/homework, evenings sitting in garden, what size did u get, could you show some pictures, the company sound good who did you use?

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