Etsy shop update 24 November 2016

Well, time has zipped on again and I have another Etsy shop update planned for Thursday November 24th at 7pm UK time. This is just a quick blog post to preview some of the new colourways that will be available.

These are only some of the colourways – I am busy reskeining and photographing other ones that will be available in the shop on Thursday. To visit the shop and add it as a favourite so that you get notifications of future updates, just click on any of the photos below. You can also check out Podcast 21, where I talk about the shop update in the last 10 minutes or so.

All of the yarns below are 100% British wool, all fully traceable and sourced from named farms in the UK. The British rabbit angora is obtained from a named supplier, who obtained the angora fibre by combing only, not clipping. The rabbits are kept well in a small farm environment and receive the highest standards of care. The bluefaced Leicester was obtained from a farm in Yorkshire, the Romney lambswool from a farm in the Cheddar Gorge in Somerset.

The fleeces are spun at my local mill, a small business which is less than a mile from where I live, using traditional techniques.


I’m really excited about this colourway as its the first that I’ve dyed after being inspired by a photograph.


This is the supermoon – the full moon last week that was so big and bright because the moon was the nearest its been to Earth since 1948. My son took the photograph from Sheffield in South Yorkshire and I loved the way the moon lit up the clouds and set off the lovely oranges and yellows in the night sky.

This is my interpretation, which I’ve called Superlunar:




I used a really rich dark blue, some resists to keep the cool, white of the moon and added in those gorgeous vintage oranges and yellows. The colourway is on my Romney lambswool, British rabbit angora and nluefaced Leicester base and each skein is 400 yards. There are four skeins dyed in the same batch available.

Pretty in pixels

I love this colourway – its a fresh, bright and happy rainbow colourway but blended so that the colours balance each other really well. Three skeins are available and again this is the Romney lambswool, British rabbit angora and bluefaced Leicester base.


Rainbow in the mist

A sister colourway to Pretty in pixels, this is also a blended rainbow but the colours have been muted to give a darker, vintage look. Again, three skeins are available and this is the lambswool/angora/BFL base. Photographing the skeins is always tricky at this time of year and the photo below probably shows the colours a little bit brighter than they are, at least on my monitor!


Midsummer memories

With the grey days of winter really upon us here in the UK, I felt the need to dye up some lovely bright summer colours and these blues and greens remind me of a perfect summer day. Three skeins again and the same lambswool/angora/BFL base.


Treasure chest

Because this colourway reminds me of a box full of glinting jewels… same base, but only two skeins available of this one.


Limited edition 70% British alpaca base

This is the first alpaca base that I’ve been able to obtain from my mill, but I hope to get some more in the future. Its 70% alpaca and 30% lambswool and I’ve dyed two skeins in a lovely dark raspberry shade and two others in a gorgeous autumn leaf colourway.

This is Not quite Damson jam…


I’d love to see you in the shop and thanks to all of you who have bought my yarn in the last few weeks – its been a pleasure to dye up the new skeins and I hope you enjoy them (even if you are only window shopping) xxxxx Kathryn