Flower Power Blanket CAL: Deramores colour numbers

The Flower Power Blanket crochetalong

The Flower Power Crochet along is starting soon!! I’m busy getting the tutorials ready for the start of the CAL in between writing the blogs about Yarndale and recording the next podcast. But I wanted to just add a little post as I’ve seen some comments about the Deramores packs. When these have arrived, they don’t seem to have the colour names on the ball bands, just numbers from 001 to 013.

This is totally out of my control and I have no idea why,  but here is the information so that you can refer to it if you start to get a bit confused (which would be very understandable!).

Flower Power Autumn blanket CAL Crafternoon Treats

  • From the top is Chalk, the very pale cream, which is 001.
  • The second row down, left to right:
    • Shadow (a dark grey, which is 013)
    • Cobble (a lighter grey which is 006)
    • Barley (a soft biscuit colour, which is 007).
  • The third row down, left to right:
    • Maritime (a dark navy, which is 010)
    • Iris (a denim blue, which is 005)
    • Marsh (a lovely turquoise, which is 012)
    • Sage (a vintage green, which is 003)
  • The bottom row, left to right:
    • Robin (the brighter red, which is 011)
    • Berry (the darker red, which is 008)
    • Mulberry (a deep purple plum, which is 009)
    • Thistle (a lilac purple, which is 004)
    • Rose (a vintage pink, which is 002).

Quick at-a-glance colour list

  • 001  Chalk
  • 002   Rose
  • 003   Sage
  • 004   Thistle
  • 005   Iris
  • 006   Cobble
  • 007   Barley
  • 008   Berry
  • 009   Mulberry
  • 010   Maritime
  • 011   Robin
  • 012   Marsh
  • 013  Shadow

I suggest when your pack arrives you write the name of the colour on each ball band before you take them off and take a photo of each one for reference.

If you want to buy the colour pack

The 13-ball colour pack of Deramores vintage chunky is available at a 10% discount using my discount code TREATS10. This takes the pack price down to £42.00.

The Flower Power Blanket CAL will start on October 1st, when the first tutorial is released. The blanket pattern is already available on Ravelry. It contains the pattern in UK crochet terms and US crochet terms, plus printable progress charts for the different colourways.

Please use as a digital resource mainly and just print out the pages that you need. For example, the pattern in the crochet language you prefer and the progress chart for the yarn you are using. Out of the 19 page pattern, you should only need to print 5 pages 🙂

I’ll be back soon with news from Yarndale and then later in the week with the first of the Flower Power Blanket CAL tutorials xxx Kathryn


3 thoughts on “Flower Power Blanket CAL: Deramores colour numbers

  1. Patty says:

    Kathryn, my Mom and I love your large flower. We are making dozens of them. We are first going to use them in a set of seven to make a hot pad and then a blanket like the one you have below. I wish I found this pattern first, but we already have dozens of flowers made. We are having a problem connecting the flowers. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Patricia says:

    Thank you Kathryn, I was one of the ones in need of the color information. I took your advice and wrote the color name on each ball band and I am all set to begin with the first tutorial. I am very excited as I have never done a CAL before and am really looking forward to learning new things. So thanks again for all of your hard work in leading this CAL.

    • Crafternoon Treats says:

      Hi Patricia – I’m glad the information was useful to you and I hope you enjoy the CAL. It is a lot of work but its a lot of fun too – I wasn’t going to join in and make another blanket but I’ve given in and so far I’m keeping up!!! xxxx

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